Pretty Bedroom Details

I mentioned in my Friday Five last week that I am trying to be intentional about what items I bring into my new home. Partly because after my divorce I realized that many of the items in your home can carry sentiment and memories. Staying true to my house’s name “Morning Joy,” each day I am choosing to focus on the new memories and happy moments for my home. I have been taking it slow and replacing/purchasing items a little at a time. The most important thing is to make sure my house feels safe, happy, healthy, and all mine. Over the past few months, I have been picking up a few pieces here and there to make my bedroom feel more like home.

Pretty Bedroom Details are so important to make your room feel like your sanctuary

Many of the blogs I read after my divorce suggested a huge purge: home goods, clothing, furniture, even underwear!? Who has the budget for that? Especially after a divorce? It is unrealistic to go out and buy all new items and frankly, I still love a lot of the pieces from my first house. I think the key is to make those old, possibly sad, items feel like new again. For example, I can’t replace my bed/headboard right now but I can buy beautiful new bedding. I picked up the lovely Mackenna Paisley duvet cover from Pottery Barn and I think it will really anchor everything together in my navy, gray, and purple color palate. I love buying oversized duvets for my beds. I use a king size duvet on my queen bed and I think the result is so drapey and luxurious.

pottery barn MACKENNA PAISLEY duvet cover and Target nail head ottoman

Daisy has problems jumping on to my very tall bed and her knees give her a lot of trouble. I picked up this little gray ottoman from Target and it helps her be more self-sufficient. I love the nailhead detailing along the bottom of the ottoman and it also opens for storage. It’s still empty at the moment, two months later, but it’s great to have room to grow!

Cute Daisy dog on a tuffed ottoman from Target

I also picked up a beautiful nightstand from the local grocery store. Yes, THE GROCERY STORE. Can you believe it!? I think this proves it is important to keep your eyes peeled for great finds everywhere! I love the rustic wood finish and wrought iron hardware. It also has a small footprint which is exactly what I was looking for in my tiny space. I picked up a simple lamp and shade from Target with a little gold detailing and it looks so pretty with one of my favorite candles from Anthropologie. I have been burning the Aloha Orchid scent in my room for years and I’m changing it up right now with Volcano.

Rustic Nightstand and pretty details

I don’t know when I started using placemats to protect my furniture, maybe sometime in college? I am not great with coasters and so at some point I started picking up cute placemats to protect and decorate. These jute/chevron placemats are a couple of years old from the Target Privet House collection, but you can find pretty placemats at any home decor store. And please take notice that my baby succulent from The Bloom Workshop which I attended in June (check out my recap) is still going strong!

use a placemat to protect your nightstand and end tables

Can we take a moment… How cute is my dog!? She was so riled up when I was taking these pictures, I think the noise from the shutter scares her just a bit. She wanted to cuddle and kept jumping into every shot. She’s stinking cute, so I don’t mind as much. 😉

Cute Daisy dog on mackenna paisley pottery barn duvet

There is still so much I want to do in this room: paint, touch up the trim, finish my mirror, add pretty window treatments, and art! But, I’m focusing on the pretty little things I do have! What little details do you love to bring into a space?

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