Let The Game Room Begin

Kurt and I love playing board games. We love it so much, that we are dedicating a whole room in our basement to our board game obsession. This is what the room looked like when we bought our house.


Here it is now!


So far we have painted the floor a  taupey gray. We also hung up some of the ribbon balls that we used as pew decorations for our wedding to add some more color! Our friends gave us an awesome game table as a housewarming present that they updated with chalkboard paint. I up the lazy susan fondu set that I have had since college in the middle and filled it with different colored chalk to keep score!


In June, my brother and I made an Ikea roadtrip and we picked up an Expidit bookshelf. I knew it would be perfect to house all of our games. It is HUGE! I also picked up a few bins from Target to hold smaller bagged games and card games. Of course, they are blue and green!


Looking at all of our games makes me so happy!  I can’t wait to paint the walls, add a fun area rug, comfy chairs, art and maybe a few barstools.


One thought on “Let The Game Room Begin

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