Guest Room Bedding

I just realized that I haven’t shared any pictures of my guest room here. It’s so funny because out of all of the rooms in my house, it should be the easiest to finish since I absolutely love the existing paint color in the room. The walls are paneling and have been painted a really beautiful navy with purple undertones. It is really rich, bold, and something totally out of my comfort zone. Not at all what I would have picked, but I love it! I picked up a duvet cover a while back on clearance from Pottery Barn (sorry, it doesn’t look like it’s available anymore) and I think it looks so pretty with the wall color.

teal, yellow, and green bedding with moody navy walls.

I added in a fun teal sham (buy it here), bright yellow pillow, and crisp white sheets.

teal sham from pottery barn. mix and match bedding for a layered, custom look.

Just like in my post a while back about my bedroom details, Daisy just needed to jump onto the bed as I was trying to take these pictures. She is so stinking adorable that it’s hard to be mad.



I still want to add in some fun pops of green and yellow with artwork, a super cool mirror that I’ve had sitting around since last summer, and maybe an area rug. I think this room will be really fun and a great place for friends and family to stay while they’re in town!


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