Succulent Care and Transplant Tips

Succulent Tips for Transplant and Care

When I shared my indoor herb garden last week, I explained that I want my house to feel bright, happy, and healthy. I love incorporating plants into decor. They add so much texture and color and really breathe life into your home. Succulents are great because they are beautiful and super easy to maintain. I knew right away that I wanted to have some happy little succulents in my kitchen window. Today I’m going to share some easy tips for caring for succulents and how to transplant them into a container that works with your personal decor.

succulents in mini late bowls from anthropologie breathe life into your kitchen

I picked up my plants from Lows for about $3 each. Any major hardware store will carry these beauties year round in their garden center in varying sizes and colors. Then I stopped by Anthropologie and picked up three mini latte bowls, these run at $2.50 each. My goal for the color pallet for Morning Joy is to be bright and feminine using shades of blue, gray, and purple throughout.  I picked latte bowls that would work with my decor.

mini late bowls from anthropologie

I added some small river rocks into the bottom of each bowl to help with drainage.

river rocks help with drainage

Then I transplanted the plants into my bowls. I broke up the root balls just a bit and set them on top of the river rocks. Then I used the remaining soil from the original container to fill in around the plant. Easy Peasy!

succulents in mini latte bowls from anthropologie

They look so beautiful in my kitchen window! I could just stare at them all day.

succulents in a kitchen window

Taking care of your succulents is pretty straightforward. For those of us that lack a green thumb, the key is less is more with these babies. Wait until the soil is completely dried out and then add just enough water to sink all the way through to the roots. I water my plants about once a week, they dry out pretty fast exposed to so much sunlight, and that seems to be working out great!

A few of my favorite things: statement necklace, fit and flare dress, succulents in an anthropologie latte bowl... YES!

They turned out so cute, I want to put succulents all over my house! What plants to you keep in your home?


Using A Reel Lawn Mower

using a reel mower I am not what you would call “outdoorsy.” When I was little, I remember getting grounded outside on the porch because “go to your room” didn’t really phase me. It was not uncommon for me to fake an injury to get out of shoveling, raking, or playing basketball with my brother. Needless to say I have never mowed the lawn in my life. I do own a push mower but I am a tiny girl and cannot get it to start with the pull cord.

After buying my new house, I knew I had to come up with a solution or hire a lawn care service. I am also stubborn. So, I looked at electric starts, battery-powered, and old-fashioned reel mowers. The reel mower seemed like a great option: low maintenance, greener, and I can do it by myself! I did some research and saw a recommendation from a friend on Facebook for the Friskars Reel Mower. I read all of the reviews, which were overwhelmingly positive and decided to move forward. My parents were so kind to purchase it for my house-warming gift. It arrived in a heavy, compact box with two random, leaking bottles of John Frida “Go Blonder” shampoo. Thank you for the surprise present and for subtly enhancing my highlights, Amazon. Friskars reel mower The assembly was pretty straightforward. A normal person could probably put this thing together in under ten minutes. It took me probably 45. In my defense, I didn’t have a socket wrench (my dad has now remedied this with a full kit. Thank you Dad!!) and so I had to McGuyver this assembly. It involved some needle nosed pliers, skinned up knuckles and holding things in place with my feet. However, it was all worth it though when I stood everything up and it didn’t fall apart on me. assemble My first time mowing was TERRIBLE. I took a break halfway through the back yard because I thought “this is what it must feel like to have a heart attack… Or heat stroke.” Because, you know…. That’s the same (?) I kept going and it turned out ok. There were some wonky patches, but I just went over them again. One great thing is that my mower doesn’t leave those tell-tale track marks so you can’t tell if I have problems walking straight or enjoy drawing figure eights in my yard

Some things I learned about mowing:

  • Do not cut the grass in the morning because it’s still wet from dew. It is so hard to push and it hurts your legs, your arms, and your core.
  • Even though it seems like a good idea to cut the grass super short (level 2 after two weeks of heavy rain) so you don’t have to mow as often… Don’t. It is so hard to push and it hurts your legs, your arms, and your core.
  • Mowing with a reel mower is a great workout for your legs, your arms, and your core! 😉
  • No matter what, you need to mow once a week.
  • Walk as fast as you can, it will be over sooner and you actually get a more even cut.

mowing reel A few people expressed concern about clippings since there is no bag on a reel mower. This hasn’t really been a problem for me. The worst was the first time (pictured below from Instagram) and the grass was damp, sticky, and had two weeks of growth. My yard is fairly small, thankfully, and I have only had to rake parts of the back hard twice in the areas that get a lot of shade and the grass seems to really thrive there. I read that leaving small clippings (not the clumps/piles) is actually better for your yard. It isn’t noticeable at all, I just stay on top of mowing once a week and that seems to be working out great. clippings I have had my mower for almost a month and I’m still loving it. I have gotten the mowing time down from an hour to maybe 30 minutes for the front and back yard. For comparison’s sake my dad did the whole thing with the gas mower in maybe 15 minutes. So I still have some room for improvement. But it’s coming along! friskars reel How do you feel about yard work? Do you love time outdoors in your yard or try and get through it as quick as possible? Have you ever used a reel mower?

West Michigan Wednesday: Pekadill’s

One of the things I love most about my home is the location. I love it here in West Michigan. So, I wanted to create a series that explores some of the wonderful things that this area has to offer.


I have been spending a lot of time in Whitehall this summer working at the Howmet Playhouse. I will be sharing some of the events going on at the playhouse over the next few weeks. But first, I need to take a minute to talk about Ice Cream. Now, I think we should always talk about ice cream but this past weekend was National Ice Cream day and to celebrate I want to share my favorite spots in Whitehall; Pekadill’s!


Pekadill’s is a family owned restaurant featuring soup, salads, sandwiches and ice cream. It is located just down the street from the playhouse and is perfect for grabbing a quick bite before a show or rehearsal. The menu has quite a variety with croissants, specialty sandwiches, and wraps. I LOVE their chicken salad sandwich. Honestly, I like it so much I’ve never even thought to try anything else. The ice cream is all Michigan-made, Hudsonville hand dipped ice cream. Seriously.  So.  Good.

hudsonville ice cream

The atmosphere is adorable as well. Right inside the door is malt shop style seating with poppy red booths and stools facing out the window. Around the back are family style tables and there is a beautiful garden behind the restaurant with outdoor seating. There is such a variety, it can feel like eating somewhere different every visit!

I just found out that they are doing BBQ ribs and chicken in the garden every Friday and Saturday from 5-9pm until Labor Day! How fun! I love this place and I recommended it to my parents the last time they were up for a performance and they liked it too. My first job was at the local Malt Shop, so visiting Pekadill’s really takes me back. Be sure to check them out next time you’re in Whitehall!

At my last visit, I had a chocolate banana shake. What is your favorite ice cream treat?

Plant An Indoor Herb Garden Using Mason Jars

I want my home to feel bright, happy, healthy, and welcoming. One of the ways I hope to do this is by using live plants in and around my house. I am not a girl with a “green thumb” but I am certainly trying this summer! One of the first projects that I tackled was to plant an indoor herb garden.DIY Indoor Herb Garden I had seen similar ideas all over Pinterest and so when I saw this mason jar trio at Target I knew it was meant to be! Of course, you could mount your own jars onto a bit of reclaimed wood but for $25 and my lack of tools, I couldn’t pass up this pre-assembled option. mason jar trio I stopped at Lowes and picked up three fragrant and happy plants. I decided on Rosemary, Mint, and Basil. They smell AMAZING! easy herb transplant I placed river rocks in the bottom of my jars to help with drainage. I broke up the root balls a bit and placed my plants inside. They are quite big for the containers so I wasn’t expecting them to last long. I actually haven’t hung them on the wall yet, because I was absolutely sure they would wilt and die. However, I’ve had them for a couple of weeks and they seem to be doing ok. I can’t believe it! mason jar herb garden I have my plants sitting in indirect sunlight in the formal living room temporarily. If I get brave, the forever home will be on the wall in my kitchen. I have just been using a small juice glass to water every couple of days when the soil starts to dry out. The great thing about this project is if/when I kill these plants, I can always start over with seedlings, succulents (LOVE!) or use them as vases for cut flowers. The possibilities are endless! What plants do you like to keep around your house?

Quick Update: Installing A Rainfall Shower Head

rainfall shower

One of the first things I did after buying my house was to change the existing shower head. The one I inherited was older and had quite a bit of build up. Yikes!

original shower

Now, we have all seen great tutorials on Pinterest explaining how to remove buildup using vinegar solutions, but lets get real, I wanted an upgrade! I have always wanted a rainfall shower, there is something about it that seems so luxurious and spa like. I wanted an inexpensive option to try out and settled on this Waterpic 2 function Rainfall shower head for under $25.

With only two functions (rainfall and concentrated stream) it is fairly basic. However, I am really not the type of person to change my settings… I can’t even reach the thing without compromising my safety. This was a step stool in the tub/stand on the shower/window ledge kind of project. Aside from that, actually installing the shower head was very easy. I didn’t need a single tool. I started out by unscrewing the original shower head and removing the gunk/tape/blue stuff that was around the pipe. Then I just screwed on the hose and attached the shower head at the end. I stepped back and it was glorious!

rainfall shower head So pretty, right!? I jumped in the shower right away! I’m telling you it is like standing under my own happy little rain cloud of success! This update was a super quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make my bathroom feel a little more luxurious.

Have you changed out your traditional shower head for a Rainfall? Do you prefer a Waterfall effect or something else entirely?