West Michigan Wednesday: “The Glass Menagerie” at Muskegon Community College

One of the things I love most about my home is the location! I love living in West Michigan and enjoy many activities around town. I wanted to create a series that explores some of the great things that this area has to offer.

West Michigan Wednesday

“The Glass Menagerie” opens this weekend at Muskegon Community College. I, for one, can’t wait to see it!   Click here for more information 


Pretty Grocery Store Blooms for Valentines Day

As I have mentioned before, I love keeping fresh flowers in my house. I love the way they look, smell, and add life to my home. I try and pick up an arrangement at least once a month. So, when I stopped at the grocery store a couple days ago and saw all of the beautiful blooms on display for Valentines Day, I knew I couldn’t pass them up! I actually couldn’t make up my mind and brought home two! What can I say, I don’t mind treating myself!

beautiful grocery store blooms

I adore the bright colors in this arrangement!


but there was also something very simple and pretty about this garden arrangement as well.