Plant An Indoor Herb Garden Using Mason Jars

I want my home to feel bright, happy, healthy, and welcoming. One of the ways I hope to do this is by using live plants in and around my house. I am not a girl with a “green thumb” but I am certainly trying this summer! One of the first projects that I tackled was to plant an indoor herb garden.DIY Indoor Herb Garden I had seen similar ideas all over Pinterest and so when I saw this mason jar trio at Target I knew it was meant to be! Of course, you could mount your own jars onto a bit of reclaimed wood but for $25 and my lack of tools, I couldn’t pass up this pre-assembled option. mason jar trio I stopped at Lowes and picked up three fragrant and happy plants. I decided on Rosemary, Mint, and Basil. They smell AMAZING! easy herb transplant I placed river rocks in the bottom of my jars to help with drainage. I broke up the root balls a bit and placed my plants inside. They are quite big for the containers so I wasn’t expecting them to last long. I actually haven’t hung them on the wall yet, because I was absolutely sure they would wilt and die. However, I’ve had them for a couple of weeks and they seem to be doing ok. I can’t believe it! mason jar herb garden I have my plants sitting in indirect sunlight in the formal living room temporarily. If I get brave, the forever home will be on the wall in my kitchen. I have just been using a small juice glass to water every couple of days when the soil starts to dry out. The great thing about this project is if/when I kill these plants, I can always start over with seedlings, succulents (LOVE!) or use them as vases for cut flowers. The possibilities are endless! What plants do you like to keep around your house?


10 thoughts on “Plant An Indoor Herb Garden Using Mason Jars

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