Heart Haven Holidays: Christmas Decor

I had so much fun decorating my living room for the holidays this year. My color pallet was silver, gold, and copper and I just love how everything came together!


I put together this vignette using a gold and marble tray from Targent, a succulent, anthropologie candle, and dove figurine also from Target


I love putting out this jingle bell display every year! This year, I added these marble trees from Target.


This is one of my favorite ornaments! I love this jingle bell Noel ornament from Bronners!


Here is an overview of my living room. How have you decorated for the holidays?


Succulent Repotting Project

Last summer I added three adorable succulents to my kitchen window and they are still going strong. My little plant friends have been thriving and lately had grown a little too big for their small bowls. I tried to open the window the other day to let in some spring air and the plants were so top heavy that they tipped right over. So, I decided to stop by Home Depot and pick up some new baby succulents. I wanted to transplant and repot the ones I had and then picked up two more to help fill out the arrangements. Quite the pile of succulents. Maybe I have a problem…

Repotting and transplanting succulents

I used my handy river rocks to line the bottom of my pot and bowls to help with drainage. Then I just arranged my plants in the containers and filled in any holes with potting mix. I really love how they turned out!

Repotting succulents

Adorable succulents in mini latte bowls from Anthropologie

Mini latte bowls from Anthropologie to hold succulents

I love Succulents!!

Repotting succulents

I love keeping succulents in my home. They are so easy to care for!

I love keeping these easy to care for plants in my home. I just give them a little bit of water once a week, just enough to dampen the soil. Easy peasy!

New Desk For My Office Nook

If you remember my furniture wish list from a while back, you’ll know I need quite a few pieces to furnish my home. I was able to snag my dream bistro table a while back. The next item that I was able to pick up was a small desk for my office nook.

Morning Joy has an adorable finished basement and it’s one of my favorite parts of the house. I plan on setting up a little office area under the stairs to keep my paperwork/bills/blogging organized and functional. I was keeping an eye out for a white desk with a smaller footprint. A few weeks ago, I found the perfect desk on sale on Target.com and I couldn’t pass it up.


I love the lines on this desk and the simple, single drawer. It is so stinking cute! It is on sale again this week for Cyber Monday, so be sure to check it out if you’ve been on the hunt for a desk as well.

desk assemblyI have never assembled a piece of furniture in my entire life. In fact, one of the only things I can really think of assembling was my Lawn Mower this summer. But, I was not to be deterred! I dived right in. I think for most people, assembly would have been pretty straight forward. You should know, it took me a looooong time to put this bad boy together. However, I did take a couple of phone calls and hot cocoa breaks.

tools and cocoa

It was so satisfying once I got everything put together!

new deskI didn’t really care for the hardware that came with the desk. I loved the unique knobs that I used in my bathroom and hallway. So, in a similar fashion, I picked up some beautiful knobs from Anthropologie. I love the white and silver design and it looks so pretty with the desk.

pretty knobs

I adore my new desk and I can’t wait to fill my office nook with fun/colorful supplies and organization! I have plans to paint this area a light, bright, airy color and hang some fun artwork. I have been using one of my parson chairs from upstairs in the interim but I would love to get a beautiful cozy chair like this one!

DIY Decor: New Knobs/Using My Drill For The First Time

I am obsessed with changing out knobs. I did a quick update in my bathroom last month and I love the knobs I picked up for that project. In fact, I loved them so much that I went back to Anthropologie and picked up two more. I may have a knob problem.

pretty knobs from anthropologie add an instant update to your space

Sigh. Aren’t they pretty? I thought it would be fun to spice up my little hallway with some fun knobs. I kept the designs cohesive and quite similar to the knobs I used in my bathroom: clocks and compass. I have cupboards above the two bedroom doors in my home and they are a great place to store seldom needed items. I am currently using mine for extra table linens and towels. The hallway is in desperate need of a paint touchup but I decided to do this quick knob update first. The original hardware was a nondescript, yellowed gold design.

before: original gold hardware

Zooming out you can see what I mean about above the door and that they look awkward with the oil rubbed bronze hardware on the door.

before: original gold hardware

First, I needed to unscrew the original knobs. The front gold facing pretty much just popped off and 1:4 times hit me square in the head.

removed original gold hardware

Then I had to use a screw driver to get out the long screws holding them in place. This. Was. Tedious. I am juuuuust 5ft tall and to be stretched out on my tip toes and on a step stool working on these screws just about drove me nuts. I entertained myself by making up new words to 80’s rock songs… most of them were about being freaking awesome and making fun of my dog. Keepin’ it real.

stupid long screw that took forever to remove

After these terribly long screws were all pulled out, I tried to pop my new, fancy knobs in as I had previously. But I found that the hole was too small. UGH. At this point, I knew I had one choice… I had to break out my cordless drill. Scared out of my mind to use a power tool all by myself, I let this project sit for a week. Not even kidding. Finally, I had enough. I took a deep breath and channeled this moment from Cool Runnings.

I headed out to the garage to face my fear. I have a Makita cordless drill that my mom and dad helped me pick out after I bought my house. It is so cute and it has just been hanging in my garage for three months. After staring at the thing for a solid five minutes trying to remember ANYTHING from the tutorial with my dad, I snapped out of it and pulled out the manual for my drill like a big girl and learned how to attach the drill bit. I practiced a couple of times on the workbench in my garage and it. felt. AWESOME!

makita cordless drill

Laughing maniacally, I came back inside and drilled four holes to be able to accommodate my new knobs. I don’t even know what size bit I used because I was on a power (tool) trip. Somehow I managed to grab this shot on my phone… you guys know what a drill looks like but I can’t believe I was able to take this on a steps tool with my phone in one hand and my drill in the other… so here you go.

makita drill Then I just popped my knobs on. They are so easy to install, just put the knob (attached to the screw) into the hole and tighten on with a mini washer. Boom. Done.

compass knobs from anthropologie

Everything still needs a fresh coat of paint, but these knobs are so much easier to work with so taking them back out for that project won’t be an issue.

vintage clock knobs from anthropologie

Stepping back they look so much more cohesive with the door’s hardware and add some visual interest to my small hallway.

new knobs

This was a pretty easy update (frustrating screws and scary power tools aside) and it helped my overcome my initial fear of my cordless drill! There are so many projects that I want to do now and I’m working up the courage to bust out Kita (she needed a name and I’m not super creative) again.

makita cordless drill

Am I the only one that thinks power tools are cute? I feel the same way with wild animals: they are so cute, but I kind of keep my distance. Ain’t she a beaut?

Pretty Bedroom Details

I mentioned in my Friday Five last week that I am trying to be intentional about what items I bring into my new home. Partly because after my divorce I realized that many of the items in your home can carry sentiment and memories. Staying true to my house’s name “Morning Joy,” each day I am choosing to focus on the new memories and happy moments for my home. I have been taking it slow and replacing/purchasing items a little at a time. The most important thing is to make sure my house feels safe, happy, healthy, and all mine. Over the past few months, I have been picking up a few pieces here and there to make my bedroom feel more like home.

Pretty Bedroom Details are so important to make your room feel like your sanctuary

Many of the blogs I read after my divorce suggested a huge purge: home goods, clothing, furniture, even underwear!? Who has the budget for that? Especially after a divorce? It is unrealistic to go out and buy all new items and frankly, I still love a lot of the pieces from my first house. I think the key is to make those old, possibly sad, items feel like new again. For example, I can’t replace my bed/headboard right now but I can buy beautiful new bedding. I picked up the lovely Mackenna Paisley duvet cover from Pottery Barn and I think it will really anchor everything together in my navy, gray, and purple color palate. I love buying oversized duvets for my beds. I use a king size duvet on my queen bed and I think the result is so drapey and luxurious.

pottery barn MACKENNA PAISLEY duvet cover and Target nail head ottoman

Daisy has problems jumping on to my very tall bed and her knees give her a lot of trouble. I picked up this little gray ottoman from Target and it helps her be more self-sufficient. I love the nailhead detailing along the bottom of the ottoman and it also opens for storage. It’s still empty at the moment, two months later, but it’s great to have room to grow!

Cute Daisy dog on a tuffed ottoman from Target

I also picked up a beautiful nightstand from the local grocery store. Yes, THE GROCERY STORE. Can you believe it!? I think this proves it is important to keep your eyes peeled for great finds everywhere! I love the rustic wood finish and wrought iron hardware. It also has a small footprint which is exactly what I was looking for in my tiny space. I picked up a simple lamp and shade from Target with a little gold detailing and it looks so pretty with one of my favorite candles from Anthropologie. I have been burning the Aloha Orchid scent in my room for years and I’m changing it up right now with Volcano.

Rustic Nightstand and pretty details

I don’t know when I started using placemats to protect my furniture, maybe sometime in college? I am not great with coasters and so at some point I started picking up cute placemats to protect and decorate. These jute/chevron placemats are a couple of years old from the Target Privet House collection, but you can find pretty placemats at any home decor store. And please take notice that my baby succulent from The Bloom Workshop which I attended in June (check out my recap) is still going strong!

use a placemat to protect your nightstand and end tables

Can we take a moment… How cute is my dog!? She was so riled up when I was taking these pictures, I think the noise from the shutter scares her just a bit. She wanted to cuddle and kept jumping into every shot. She’s stinking cute, so I don’t mind as much. 😉

Cute Daisy dog on mackenna paisley pottery barn duvet

There is still so much I want to do in this room: paint, touch up the trim, finish my mirror, add pretty window treatments, and art! But, I’m focusing on the pretty little things I do have! What little details do you love to bring into a space?

Oh! Be sure to check out my very first giveaway! It will be open until next week, there is still plenty of time to enter!