DIY Outdoor Chalkboard Scoreboard

My name is Katie and I am a chalkboard addict. Whew, it feels good to get that out there.

We have a lot of chalkboards (see here, here, and here) in my house and my love for this Pinterest staple has also expanded to the outdoors.  Sprucing things up with chalkboard paint is super easy. In fact, it is so simple I almost forgot to blog about it. We whipped up an outdoor chalkboard scoreboard for the housewarming party we had in August.


Yes, the two teams for our corn-hole match were the Sharks and the Jets. #musicaltheatrenerds

We used an old piece of  lauan that was left over from a project we did at our apartment a few years ago. It stayed tucked away in storage until we moved this past June and I knew I had the perfect project! I gave the wood a few thin coats of Krylon’s chalkboard spray paint until I got the coverage I wanted.


I let it cure up over night and then used a piece of sidewalk chalk to prep the board. You always want to cover the whole chalkboard surface with a solid coat of chalk the first time. This is to help make the surface easier to wipe down in between uses. Then, Kurt screwed the board onto the fence in the backyard and we were ready to go!


This is a super fun/easy project to keep score of yard games and would be great for kids too. The best part is that we used sidewalk chalk and the rain takes care of the cleanup for you! Our chalkboard has been outside exposed to the elements for about a month already and it is still holding up strong!


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