New Bedding Updates

This is another catchup post that I’ve been meaning to share. If we can all think back to Sewergate for a moment, you may remember that it all started with a load of laundry. What was in the laundry, you may ask? My destroyed bedding that I showed back in this post. Unfortunately, there was no saving my duvet cover after that mess. But that gave me a reason to make a little trip to Pottery Barn!

Some  girls love purses and some love shoes, but personally, I get really excited when I can splurge on a new duvet and shams. I blame it on a brief stint working at a bed and breakfast. Pretty bed linens have my heart.

Pretty pottery barn bedding

My my walls are still the same moody gray as when I purchased my home and I wanted something a little lighter to brighten my room up a bit. I saw this set at Pottery Barn and fell in love. I could not get a picture to do it justice so please bear with me. I love the subtle grey and white pattern. You can’t see in the pictures but there is a slight shimmer in the fabric. It’s gorgeous!

Pottery Barn Bedding. Yes. Please

These pretty pin tuck shams were on clearance… Yes. Please.

Daisy approved!

Daisy also approves.

I still want to find a cute throw pillow for the middle but nothing looks quite right. If you guys see something, be sure to let me know!

Are there any home decor items that you get giddy about purchasing? Am I the only one that loves new bedding?


5 thoughts on “New Bedding Updates

  1. That bedding is gorgeous! Have you checked at Homegoods for some accent pillows? I found all the little pillows for my couch there- they can have a fun variety! I always get giddy about buying candles and then IMMEDIATELY burning them as soon as I get home!

  2. Good morning to you!

    My name is Brandon and we went out to lunch yesterday. I was talking to Andrew after that and he shared the fact that you had this blog and I had to stop by and take a gander 🙂 After going through all 35 pages (lol,) I found you to be a breath of fresh air and also incredibly self-sufficient and very talented!! I am very jealous of your “Puppet Master” skills AND your board game collection ❤

    Annnnnyway. I just wanted to say hello and hope that I get to see you again in the future as you are absolutely hilarious and I found you very fun to be around – it was a totally pleasant experience! I very much look forward to your future blog updates!

    Many blessings,


    P.S. You have absolutely fantastic taste 🙂

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