Succulent Care and Transplant Tips

Succulent Tips for Transplant and Care

When I shared my indoor herb garden last week, I explained that I want my house to feel bright, happy, and healthy. I love incorporating plants into decor. They add so much texture and color and really breathe life into your home. Succulents are great because they are beautiful and super easy to maintain. I knew right away that I wanted to have some happy little succulents in my kitchen window. Today I’m going to share some easy tips for caring for succulents and how to transplant them into a container that works with your personal decor.

succulents in mini late bowls from anthropologie breathe life into your kitchen

I picked up my plants from Lows for about $3 each. Any major hardware store will carry these beauties year round in their garden center in varying sizes and colors. Then I stopped by Anthropologie and picked up three mini latte bowls, these run at $2.50 each. My goal for the color pallet for Morning Joy is to be bright and feminine using shades of blue, gray, and purple throughout.  I picked latte bowls that would work with my decor.

mini late bowls from anthropologie

I added some small river rocks into the bottom of each bowl to help with drainage.

river rocks help with drainage

Then I transplanted the plants into my bowls. I broke up the root balls just a bit and set them on top of the river rocks. Then I used the remaining soil from the original container to fill in around the plant. Easy Peasy!

succulents in mini latte bowls from anthropologie

They look so beautiful in my kitchen window! I could just stare at them all day.

succulents in a kitchen window

Taking care of your succulents is pretty straightforward. For those of us that lack a green thumb, the key is less is more with these babies. Wait until the soil is completely dried out and then add just enough water to sink all the way through to the roots. I water my plants about once a week, they dry out pretty fast exposed to so much sunlight, and that seems to be working out great!

A few of my favorite things: statement necklace, fit and flare dress, succulents in an anthropologie latte bowl... YES!

They turned out so cute, I want to put succulents all over my house! What plants to you keep in your home?


4 thoughts on “Succulent Care and Transplant Tips

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  3. They look absolutely gorgeous!
    Setting out to find some windowsill beauties today – thanks for the info! 🙂
    (Attempting to recover from black-thumb syndrome)

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