Making A Hand Painted Driftwood Sign

Driftwood sign
I love the idea of having a personal connection with my home and it seemed appropriate that “she” should have a name. It makes me think of cute cottages along the English countryside and seems so romantic and old fashioned. As I mentioned yesterday, I have decided to name my new home “Morning Joy.” This was inspired by Paslm 30:5 “Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.” I hope this will remind me to trust in God and choose joy each day even when faced with hardship.


I enjoy taking my dog, Daisy, to the beach and I always keep my eyes peeled for great driftwood finds. I found a beautiful piece of driftwood during my first summer in West Michigan, back in 2010. The wood is nice and smooth on one side and a little bit longer than a sheet of paper. I always wanted to make a sign to hang outside of my home, but I never got around to it. During my move, it turned up in my garage and I knew it had to be one of the first projects in my new place! driftwood First, I needed to decide what method I wanted to use to make my sign. I toyed around with the idea of wood burning for a while. However, with the cost of tools and the likelihood of me messing up and ruining my prized driftwood, I chickened out. I looked around on Pinterest (of course) and decided that I love the rustic/imperfect style of hand painted signs. My penmanship is not great so I decided to print a template to help me along. I decided on the free font “skinny jeans solid“. I like that it looks like my handwriting but better. I wanted something casual and fun. I laid the paper on the wood and traced over it with a ballpoint pen. This left a nice groove to place my paint. lake fog I used Martha Stewarts acrylic craft paint in the color “Lake Fog.” It is such a pretty creamy color and gives a nice subtle contrast with the pale driftwood. I just used a small craft brush and painted in the lines. I wasn’t super careful, because I wanted a whimsical hand drawn effect. I used two coats and called it good. painting driftwood I hung the sign on my closed in front porch. I just used three 3m command strips to attach it to the vinyl siding. I had to bump up the definition on these photos, but in person it is a subtle and playful shout out to my house’s name. driftwood sign Now, I want to make signs for everyone I know! Lyrics, verses, names, and locations, the options are endless! What would you paint on a sign? Would you ever name your home?


3 thoughts on “Making A Hand Painted Driftwood Sign

  1. Yes! I would love to name my home. I’ve actually thought about it in the past, given that my car has a name (Penelope), so why not my home? I wouldn’t know where to hang a sign, or what to use as a sign, but I would like something romantic in Spanish or Italian. I don’t find myself very creative or handy, and I was inspired by you learning to use your lawn tools from your dad. I remember you as such a girly girl, as I am, and have asked my dad to guide me in my lawn care so I may learn. He cracked up a bit, so I’m sure he did not take me seriously.

    • I love the idea of an Italian name! It is such an inherently romantic language. I love “Collina Verde” meaning Green Hill or “fiorisce l’amore” meaning Love Blooms. I am so excited that you’re going to learn about yard work. I was always so scared of it, but it hasn’t been that bad. It is so empowering!!

  2. I love your sign and your home’s beautiful name. I also live by the beach and collect all kinds of driftwood. I handpaint all my pieces, no stencils. I like things just a bit messy…maybe like a mermaid did it.

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