Quick Update: Installing A Rainfall Shower Head

rainfall shower

One of the first things I did after buying my house was to change the existing shower head. The one I inherited was older and had quite a bit of build up. Yikes!

original shower

Now, we have all seen great tutorials on Pinterest explaining how to remove buildup using vinegar solutions, but lets get real, I wanted an upgrade! I have always wanted a rainfall shower, there is something about it that seems so luxurious and spa like. I wanted an inexpensive option to try out and settled on this Waterpic 2 function Rainfall shower head for under $25.


With only two functions (rainfall and concentrated stream) it is fairly basic. However, I am really not the type of person to change my settings… I can’t even reach the thing without compromising my safety. This was a step stool in the tub/stand on the shower/window ledge kind of project. Aside from that, actually installing the shower head was very easy. I didn’t need a single tool. I started out by unscrewing the original shower head and removing the gunk/tape/blue stuff that was around the pipe. Then I just screwed on the hose and attached the shower head at the end. I stepped back and it was glorious!

rainfall shower head So pretty, right!? I jumped in the shower right away! I’m telling you it is like standing under my own happy little rain cloud of success! This update was a super quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make my bathroom feel a little more luxurious.

Have you changed out your traditional shower head for a Rainfall? Do you prefer a Waterfall effect or something else entirely?


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