Get Healthy With Me: Fruit Infused Water

labor dayI cannot believe it is already Labor Day. This summer flew by so fast! Living here in Michigan, we have to cherish these warm months while we can. Hopefully you had the chance to spend time enjoying the outdoors this holiday weekend before the cooler, fall weather inevitably hits. Whether you are enjoying a BBQ or hitting the beach, it is important to stay hydrated when you’re out in the sun. I call it Operation Hydration! Today, I’m going to share 4 flavors of fruit infused water (some folks call it “essence water”)  that are sure to hit the spot while wetting your whistle.

4 easy recipes for fruit infused water

I like making my fruit water in individual servings. I think I get a stronger fruit flavor and it is less diluted this way. It would be really easy to make a whole pitcher to share or savor yourself. I just also think fruit water looks super cute in a mason jar cup like these ones that I snagged at the grocery store.

fruit essence water in mason jars

Or, if you’re looking for a more portable/leak proof way to carry your fruit infused water, you could also make these “recipes” in a water bottle. They actually make really cool infusing bottles. However, my favorite water bottle is the teal Contigo Tranquil Bottle. It is super cute, dishwasher safe, BPA free, and the lid can unscrew into two parts for easier cleaning! That sounds like an advertisement, but they seriously have no idea who I am. I wish! I just have gotten a ton of compliments on mine. I want it in every color. Not kidding.


On to the fruit water!! Up first is Blueberry and Lemon. For my single serving, I just used about half a lemon thinly sliced and then cut them in half to make a wedge. I tossed in one handful of blueberries and lots of ice cubes.

blueberry lemon fruit infused water

Next is Strawberry and Nectarine, which I have to say was the wildcard for me. I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out but it is really great! The nectarine cuts the sweetness from the strawberries just enough for it to give it something a little bit different. I cut 4 medium sized strawberries into thin slices. Then I used about half of the nectarine which I cut into slices like an apple.

strawberry nectarine fruit infused water

Am I the only one that thinks of Bath & Body Works when I hear Cucumber (and) Melon? I’m serious. It takes me right back to middle school! I find this flavor to be the most refreshing, it is very light and sweet. I picked up watermelon spears from Target and used 1 1/2 which were cut into cubes. I sliced 1/4 of my cucumber into thinnish slices and tossed them in as well.

Side note: are cucumbers even a fruit? Oh well, I’m gonna put them in my water anyway!

watermelon cucumber fruit infused water

The Raspberry Lime water is my absolute favorite. It is almost like drinking juice. I find it so flavorful and fun! I used half of a lime cut into thin slices and then cut them in half like I did to the lemon earlier. Add in one handful of raspberries and you’re good to go.

raspberry lime fruit infused water

Staying hydrated is so important. It is also great to get the extra flavor and health benefits from your favorite fruits. I’m definitely hooked!

yummy fruit infused water


I can’t wait to try other flavors or add herbs like mint or rosemary. So yummy!  Do you like drinking your water plain or adding in some fruit flavor? What combinations would you like to try? I think blueberry and orange could be fun!


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