HeartHavenHolidays: DIY Sharpie Mugs

Alrighty friends, it is Christmas Eve and we are in the home stretch! I decided to squeeze in one last DIY project and I wanted to share it with you before the holiday so we are skipping the West Michigan Wednesday post for this week. Today I’m going to share my take on the DIY sharpie mugs that I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest! I think these mugs could be a great last minute gift idea, so I thought it would be best to share it now!

DIY sharpie mugs. Use Oil Based sharpies to make them hold up to washing.

This project seemed pretty straightforward but there are a few tips and tricks to make your mugs turn out great and stand the test of time/washing. Here is what you’ll need for this project:

  • Cheap white mugs from the dollar store/grocery store.
  • OIL BASED (this is SO important to be dish soap safe) Sharpie Markers. I picked up mine from Michaels.
  • Rubbing Alcohol, Qtips, Paper Towel to fix mistakes
  • An Oven 🙂

Start off by pre-heating your oven to 350 degrees. Use your OIL BASED sharpie to draw your design on the mug and get it perfect. If you make a mistake, don’t worry! Just use the rubbing alcohol to remove anything that you don’t want to keep. After you get your designs finalized, just pop your mug into the oven for about a half an hour. Turn off the oven but allow the mugs to cool down inside so that they don’t go through a drastic temperature change and shatter. (I had this happen with a glass casserole dish once! It was terrible!) There you go! In order to preserve your mugs it is best to just hand wash them. I may try sending mine through the dishwasher, just to see what happens. I’ll let you know if I do!

DIY sharpie mug. pretty gold dot mug made with a cheap mug from the grocery store and a gold oil based sharpie.

The designs I choose were all pretty simple. I am loving gold right now so I used a gold sharpie on all of my mugs. The first one is just a simple gold dot pattern. I love the old Kate Spade gold dot design (seems like its kinda phasing out, but I’m still a huge fan!) and this is a great way to get the look for less! You can use stickers to get your dots perfectly shaped, but I sort of love my wonky dots. They have character. 🙂 I think this could be a great last minute Christmas Gift for a friend/coworker/neighbor. Just fill the mug with some holiday treats and candy and you’re good to go!

write a favorite quote or bible verse in a gold oil based sharpie and bake in the oven! Love these DIY sharpie mugs

Next up is my Morning Joy cup. I love it because it is a fun nod to the name of my home and a favorite bible verse. Its also a cheeky nod to that first cup of hot cocoa/tea/coffee in the morning… pure joy. I just added little dots along the top and the bottom for a little more character. You could personalize the cup with a favorite quote, name, or preserve the sweet handwriting of your children.

DIY sharpie mug for the tea lovers out there. Love the gold oil based sharpies.

The last design is so simple and probably my favorite. I just drew a little tea bag shape with a heart in the middle. I love drinking a cup of warm tea when I’m not feeling well (and all the time, lets be real) and I think this could be a great gift for a sick friend who is stuck at home this winter. Just fill the mug with your favorite teas, some cough drops, and maybe some kleenex.

I didn’t share my final mug with you because I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. I haven’t baked it yet because I’m still not sure on the design. I was trying to make scrabble letters that spelled “cocoa” but I couldn’t get them to look right. I may just scrap the whole thing and draw more dots. hahaha!

Have any of you tried making DIY sharpie mugs? Are you doing last minute shopping/crafting today?


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