HeartHavenHolidays: Last Minute Touches with Jingle Bells and Stockings

Christmas is this week and today I wanted to share a couple of quick last minute touches that I added to make my living room a bit more festive. As you may remember from my Christmas tree and my table centerpiece, I am using silver and gold to spruce up my home for the holidays this year. Since I don’t have my dream mantle and my beautiful roses have wilted, I decided to add some cheer to my entryway table in the living room.

jingle bells, votive holders, and a serving tray add instant holiday cheer!

How cute is my little Owl!? I picked him up at Target a few weeks ago (Sorry, I can’t find him on the website, but you may get lucky in your local store!) and I think he is going to stay out year round.

I love how my jingle bell tray turned out! I saw something similar on Pinterest and I was itching to recreate this in my home. I picked up these pretty votive holders from Target (Bonus! They’re now on clearance!) in silver and gold. I used a plain white serving tray, three of the silver votive holders, and 4 packages of gold jingle bells in various sizes.

Simple, classy, and chic Christmas decor in silver and gold

I think the arrangement could use more jingle bells so I’ll have to stock up before next year! I adore using jingle bells as vase filler and decor for the holidays. I’ve been doing it for years!

use an entryway table in lieu of a mantle

Next up are my stockings! I picked up two beautiful stockings at Target (See a trend here? I have a problem.) They are a pretty cream color with silver and gold threads woven into the fabric. They. Are. Perfect!! I just hung them on the knobs of my table and it actually looks kind of cute. Then I made some simple name tags out of gorgeous scrapbook paper to add a more personal touch.

make personalized name tags to tell apart your stockings. This one is just made from scrapbook paper and a sharpie!

I just used two paper punches that I purchased from Michaels (I believe mine are the 3.5 in scalloped and the 2in circle). They are sort of pricey, but I just buy a new one every now and then using a 40% coupon. I think I have 4 of them. I make all of my own gift tags, so I figure it saves a ton of money in the long run!

scrapbook paper and a hole punch to make pretty name tags

The lighter scrapbook paper has this gold iridescent sheen to it when the light hits just right. I wish the camera was able to pick it up. It is absolutely stunning in person! I used rubber cement to attach the two pieces of scrapbook paper and double sided tape. Hey, I use what I have like MacGyver!

Then, I just used a fine tip, gold sharpie marker to write our names. One for me and then Daisy & Sammy are sharing. Ha! Yes, I have a cat. I just don’t talk about him as much. He likes to stay off the grid. 😉

My pets always love pulling new toys out of their stocking each year. Do you have stockings for your pets?

quick and inexpensive way to personalize stockings using scrapbook paper name tags

I really love how these projects turned out! What little holiday touches are you adding to your home last minute?


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