Lovely Lavender Living Room

I have lived in my home for over a year and finally painted my living room! Most of my home is painted the same yellowy beige and the living room was no exception. I don’t have great before photos, but you can most clearly clearly see the original color here

my new couch!

And here…


It wasn’t completely terrible, but not really my style. I love cooler tones and I knew I wanted a light gray with a lavender undertone. It is my bachelorette pad after all! Why not embrace a girly living room!?

Nouvelle White by Sherwin Williams

I ended up going with Shewin Williams’ Nouvelle White color matched,as always, to Beher Premium Paint and Primer. It is a pretty light gray with just a hint of purple. It still feels neutral while subtly changing in hue throughout the day. I LOVE it! It is very hard to pick up the color in photos but I’m sure you’ll see a lot of variations in upcoming posts. I have been working on a few other projects in this room that I can’t wait to share.


DIY Decor: How To Paint Laminate Furniture Without Sanding

hot to paint laminate furniture without sanding

Today I am going to share the first big project that I have tackled at my new house. I decided to paint my bathroom vanity white… the easy lazy way! I have been so busy the past few months and so I have not had much time to work on any large scale projects. I decided that the first room on my to do list was going to be the bathroom on the main floor. The previous owners had made some fantastic upgrades throughout the home and there are only a few minor changes that I want to make to have the bathroom feel like my own. I previously shared the installation of my new rainfall shower head which I am still LOVING! Next, it was time to address the dark vanity and mirror.

before: dark bathroom furniture  that I painted a crisp, bright white

before: dark scuffed vanity that I painted a crisp, bright white

before: dark bathroom that I painted a crisp, bright white

I want my home to feel bright and airy. While the dark, cherry wood finish was pretty… it was getting fairly worn and did not do any favors for the small size of my bathroom. I decided to paint the furniture a crisp, bright white to help open things up and give a spa-like feeling to the room. The vanity and mirror were a laminate finish and I decided to go with “Behr’s Premium Plus Paint and Primer in One” in a semi-gloss finish to get great, long lasting coverage. I used the un-tinted ultra pure white, knowing that I could always take it back to home depot and get it re-tinted for free if the color was too harsh.

paint laminate furniture without sanding. Use Behr premium Ultra pant and printer in untinted, bright white.

I love this paint! First, I tried to lightly sand the vanity on one of the corners facing the wall and it looked TERRIBLE. I decided to go big or go home and began to paint away. The first coat was terrifying. I used a 2in angled brush and a small craft brush to get inside the cracks. No prep, just minimal stress about ruining my house forever. However, just four thin/even coats later and it was looking beautiful!

how to paint laminate furniture

painting laminate furniture without sanding

I found these cool knobs at Anthropologie on clearance for $2.99 and I couldn’t pass them up! I am in LOVE with them!

update knobs with beautiful accents from Anthropologie

stunning accent knobs from anthropologie to update your space on a dime

However, after I took these photos, I realized that everything else in the room is silver. I am totally fine mixing metals in my home but it was looking a little odd. I made a quick trip out to the store and picked up these silver based knobs and all was right in my matchy-matchy universe

adorable silver knobs from anthopologie to add character to your home on a dime

Don’t worry, the original gold accented lovelies already have a home in my hallway so it wasn’t a wasted sale.

updated silver knobs to anthropologie to add instant character

Wow! It is amazing the difference that paint can make. My bathroom already feels so much bigger and brighter.

Have you tried painting your bathroom vanity? What is your favorite trend in bathroom furniture?

Crowning Glory

We finally painted the crown molding in the Kitchen!!

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we had our first walk through…


If you remember, we had painted the walls gray but never got around to touching up that weird green crown molding.


We just used a 2in angled brush and two coats of some leftover white paint. It isn’t a perfect match but holy smokes does it look 10000x better!!


Nothing like a couple of coats of a crisp white paint to brighten up a place! We had gotten so used to the green crown that I honestly forgot it was even there. I love the architectural interest that the crown adds and it is so nice to have it stand out against the moody gray walls!

Updating A Plain Knife Block

I have been on a spray painting kick lately. I am seriously painting everything that I can get my hands on. While I would love to buy all brand new things for our house, that just isn’t an option. So, instead, I am giving new life to some of my old items.

When I was in college, my parents generously gave me a kitchen set with pots, pans, utensils and a knife block. Most of the set is long gone, after many moves and lots of roommates. However, that original knife set and block are still kicking. I have never even had to re sharpen them!  I don’t really like the look of a lot of things on the kitchen counters, but it is so convenient to have knives and a pair of scissors at easy reach. The blonde wood block just wasn’t cutting it for me aesthetically, so it was time for an update.

I just quickly sanded down my knife block and gave it a couple of thin coats of spray paint. I let it sit outside overnight to cure up and off gas before bringing it back in. I really love how it turned out.


I used “Tropical Oasis” paint and primer in one by Valspar. I had quite a bit left over after my stool project and I. LOVE. this. color! I just want pops of happy teal all over my home. It makes me smile every time I look at it. I think bringing some color into the kitchen helps tie in the stools and make everything look a little more intentional. Plus, the best part is this project was FREE. Can’t beat that!!

Pinterest Project : Painted Teal Barstools

Happy Monday!

This was the project I was the most excited about after buying our home. I saw this barstool project from YoungHouseLove on Pinterest ages ago and when we bought our home, I knew I wanted bright turquoise stools in my kitchen. This isn’t going to be much of a tutorial because I totally just followed their instructions and these stools turned out AMAZING! I will show you what phone pictures I snagged of the process.


Kurts mom was so generous and gifted these stools to us. We purchased them from School Outfitters.

I sanded down, de glossed and primed the chairs per the tutorial and then I started to paint them with Tropical Oasis by Valspar. It was supposed to rain for the next week, so I did the priming and painting in the garage. We kept the doors open when possible to let out the fumes, and left a fan in there to circulate the air. We still have blue dust over everything!


I’d still say it is worth it though. These stools are beautiful. I love sitting with my bowl of cereal in the morning with the light streaming through the slider door.


What is your favorite Pinterest inspired project?