Get Organized

As we cruise through December, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want for 2017. I have taken steps to purge toxicity from my life and start focusing on the things that make me happy, including this blog! I am always trying to streamline and improve organization. As a creative person, I get distracted easily and having an easy to use (and pretty) system in place can help keep me on track.

A few years ago, I discovered Erin Condren life planners. I love how customizable they are and I’ve purchased a few over the years. This summer I was sucked into the world of planner stickers and it has turned my organizational tool into a beautiful scrapbook! If you are in the market for a new planner, I highly recommend the one from Erin Condren. There are a ton of sales going on right now and it would even be a great Christmas gift! Here is the 18 month planner I am currently using along with some of the accessories I picked up.


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DIY Rustic Coat Hook

I have a confession to make… I lived in my home for one year before I had a place to hang my coat. After snowblowing the driveway in the winter I had to lay my snowpants on the stove to dry. Be jealous. So, this summer I decided to make an easy coat hook to hang by my back door.

My aunt and uncle gave me a weathered piece of wood from one of the barns on their property. I gave it a quick sand and a couple of coats of clear polyurethane to keep the great rustic color. Then, I picked up a few oil rubbed bronze hooks from the hardware store and screwed them in. Finally I attached it to the wall with a couple of heavy duty screws. I love the final look and it did a great job holding my things all summer. I can’t wait to test it for real as it starts to cool down!

DIY rustic coat hook made from recycled barn wood

Get Organized: My Linen Closet

In older/smaller homes, storage can be a hot commodity. In my small home built in 1920, I’m fortunate for the storage options that I have. The sweet, little linen closet in my bathroom is one of these. As you may remember from my vanity and mirror update, my bathroom doesn’t have a medicine cabinet so my tiny linen closet has to store everything I need on a daily basis. Today I’m going to share how I organize and maximize my bathroom storage.

Small space solutions: linen closet organization.

When I first moved into my home, the linen closet was quite inconvenient. The bathroom door opens inward and covers the linen closet which also had it’s own door. Let’s be real here for a moment: I live alone… I rarely shut the bathroom door. So dealing with two doors when I need to grab my hair dryer was so cumbersome and frustrating.

before: frustrating door to my linen closet

I removed the closet door within the first week of moving in. It already helped it feel more open and less frustrating while getting ready every day. The next step was to make it functional, organized and a little more pretty.

So, I gave the yellowed interior a couple of coats of bright paint left over from my bathroom vanity and it instantly made the closet seem larger. Then I added in some baskets that I picked up from Jo-Ann Fabric a while back and added some of my favorite chalkboard labels to keep things organized. I love corralling items in baskets! It is a pretty way to keep everything organized. I like organization systems that are easy to maintain. Baskets are great for that. It’s just toss and go.

simple linen closet organization using baskets

In case you’re nosey like me, I’ll give you a quick rundown of how I store everything in my small space from top to bottom: On the top shelf I have extra boxes of Kleenex and a basket to store spare tubes of toothpaste, backup products, an extra toothbush and stuff like that. On the next shelf I keep my towels. I try to keep only four towels in rotation. It helps minimize towel clutter in my linen closet and It forces me to stay on top of laundry. I use all white towels for a clean, spa-like look. I also have a few spare bath bombs from Lush on that shelf.

store extra kleenex and products on the top shelf

The next shelf has all of my every day items. I use mason jars and a juice glass to store cotton rounds, cotton balls, and Q tips. Next, is my makeup bag. This is actually a Tory Burch lunch box from the Neiman Marcus line at Target a few years back. I love using a lunch box for my makeup since I store it in the bathroom. The insulation on the lunch box keeps the damp bathroom air from shortening the lifespan of my makeup. At least, in my head it helps. Anyway, the last item on the shelf is my every day basket where I keep lotions, skin care products, Ect.

everyday products stored in a basket for easy access

store cotton balls and cotton rounds in mason jars for a pretty organizational solution. If you have to store makeup in the bathroom, try using a lunch box to keep the damp air out and products stay fresh.

Below that is kind of a miscellaneous shelf. I have one basket to hold wash cloths and hand towels. The other basket has a few first aid items that I like to have readily available and don’t have any where else to store like band aids, Advil, and Cold medicine.

baskets from joann fabric for storage

The bottom shelf has all my hair stuff. The first basket has hair styling tools like my hair dryer, curling wand and straightener. The second basket has all of my products, hair brushes, and bobby pins.

baskets and chalkboard labels for pretty organization that is actually easy to maintain

That is how I keep my linen closet organized and functional. Since I’m nosey… how do you store all of your bathroom products? Are you a basket person? Does anyone else keep their makeup in a lunch box?

Get Organized: DIY Wooden Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard labels

Today’s project is actually something I was working on at my first house and never had the chance to share it with you. I made fun chalkboard labels to organize my linen closet and I plan on using them in my new house as well. I will be tackling some projects in my bathroom over the next few weeks and I hope to share my updated linen closet with you then. In the meantime, I made new labels for my bedroom closet!

closet organization

I love using baskets to organize and corral items that I reach for regularly. I hate digging through drawers for socks or a layering tank in the morning, it is so much easier to have them all in one spot. I decided to use the top shelf in my closet to hold these everyday basics.

chalkboard labels to organize my closet

I picked up these little wooden circles from Joann Fabrics for a couple bucks. They are a great size for labels and they are already sanded down which is perfect!

wooden labels joanns

Then I gave them a couple of coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.

krylon chalkboard paint

I prepped them with an even coat of chalk and wiped everything off.

chalkboard label

Then it was time to write! I used a basket for socks, basic tank tops, long sleeve t shirts for layering, and extra bags (totes, hardbacks, wallets, ect).

chalkboard organization

I used baker’s twine (the color Ocean) from The Twinery and hot glue to attach them to my baskets.

hot glue

I love how easy it is to access these items in a hurry. It makes putting away laundry a breeze! I think this would be a great way to store swimwear as well.

easy closet organization

How do you feel about grab and go baskets?