Lovely Lavender Living Room

I have lived in my home for over a year and finally painted my living room! Most of my home is painted the same yellowy beige and the living room was no exception. I don’t have great before photos, but you can most clearly clearly see the original color here

my new couch!

And here…


It wasn’t completely terrible, but not really my style. I love cooler tones and I knew I wanted a light gray with a lavender undertone. It is my bachelorette pad after all! Why not embrace a girly living room!?

Nouvelle White by Sherwin Williams

I ended up going with Shewin Williams’ Nouvelle White color matched,as always, to Beher Premium Paint and Primer. It is a pretty light gray with just a hint of purple. It still feels neutral while subtly changing in hue throughout the day. I LOVE it! It is very hard to pick up the color in photos but I’m sure you’ll see a lot of variations in upcoming posts. I have been working on a few other projects in this room that I can’t wait to share.