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Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! 

Bring it on 2017. We’re ready! 


HeartHavenHolidays: Festive Centerpiece with Silver, Gold, and Blue

This Christmas I am decorating with shades of silver, gold, and blue! I loved how the color scheme turned out on my tree and I wanted to incorporate it into the rest of my living room as well. I like using a large hurricane vase with a pillar candle as my centerpiece as you saw around Halloween! For Christmas, I just picked up some smaller bulbs in my color scheme and used them as vase filler. It turned out so pretty!

silver, gold, and blue bulbs make this simple centerpiece so beautiful!

fill a hurricane vase with bulbs and a simple pillar for an easy/classy holiday centerpiece

tie in the tree's color scheme with a corresponding centerpiece

centerpiece at night! So dreamy

silver, gold and blue holidays

silver gold and blue. fresh color combo for christmas

I love how this ties in the color scheme from the tree across the room! Switching out vase filler is such an easy way to freshen up a room with the changing of seasons. Do you have any go-to tricks to make your every day decor look a little more festive?

Spooktacular Style: Glam Halloween Centerpiece

I know I had mentioned before that I plan on being a little more minimal in my Halloween decor this year. But I absolutely LOVE my new bistro table and I didn’t want it to be left out of all the Halloween fun. So, I swapped out the fall/natural colors and corks for something a little more holiday appropriate.

glam up your halloween style with this glitzy black and silver centerpiece anchored by a spiderweb placemat

Today I’m going to share the quick and easy centerpiece that I threw together in my new favorite Halloween color palette. This is an inexpensive project and you can use some items that you may already have in your house.

easy halloween centerpiece with a vase, candle, filler and felt placemat

First, you need a large glass vase. I picked up mine a few years ago at Target, but they are sold at almost every home decor store. You will also need a white pillar candle. If your candle is shorter like mine, you will also want to grab a small juice glass. I also picked up vase filler from Michaels in silver and black. Finally, I found this wonderful felt spiderweb placemat at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a couple bucks which really completes the look.

glam halloween centerpiece in black, white, and silver

Quick Tip: Use a small juice glass to help take up space in the vase and you won’t need to use as much vase filler. I use this trick all the time and it works like a charm!!

Place the small juice glass upside down in the bottom of the vase. Set the pillar candle on top of the cup and begin to place your filler around the base of the glass/candle. Make sure to cover the juice glass and overlap the candle a bit. Then, just set the whole thing on top of the placemat. Easy Peasy!

chic halloween centerpiece using a felt spiderweb placemat from bed bath and beyond

chic halloween centerpiece in black, white, and silver

love the halloween color palette of black, white and silver

I really love how it turned out! This is such an easy project and one of my favorite types of centerpieces to customize year round by changing out the vase filler.

I’m hoping it stops raining soon so I can work on my spray painting projects but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this quick update to add a little more Spooktacular Style to my home. How is your Halloween decorating going?