There is a shortage of chairs…

I have mentioned previously that I am furnishing my home pretty slowly and collecting pieces that I love over time. I have found that it pays off to be picky when it comes to adding items to your home. Your furniture is something that you’re going to look at every day. My motto is to not settle and just wait until I find that perfect item that makes me excited about the space. Life lessons from Katie.

Anyway, my living room was feeling a little sparce with just my bistro table and my couch facing a huge, empty wall. Not that I ever have anyone over, but if I did, I’m sure they’d remark on my obvious shortage of chairs…

So, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect piece to rectify this situation. I even picked up a oversized chair at IKEA a while back.(Someday maybe I’ll show you) Then, when I thought all hope was lost, I found these tufted slipper chairs at Target! They’re inexpensive, stinking cute, and match my couch perfectly. What’s not to love!?


Then I just added in an accent table that pulls in the raw wood tones from my bistro table.


I’m. In. Love.


I am going to add bookcases on either side of the chairs and put a gallery wall (with more Rifle Paper calendar prints, of course) above the chairs.  Guys, I’m am so excited!! My living room is finally starting to come togther!!


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