West Michigan Wednesday: “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” at Central Park Players

One of the things I love most about my home is the location! I love living in West Michigan and enjoy many activities around town. I wanted to create a series that explores some of the great things that this area has to offer.  

“Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” opens this weekend at Central Park Players in Grand Haven. I am so thrilled to be playing Frances in  this production alongside a very talented and hilarious cast.   

 As always, here is the blurb:

“During an ostentatious wedding reception at a Knoxville, Tennessee, estate, five reluctant, identically clad bridesmaids hide out in an upstairs bedroom, each with her own reason to avoid the proceedings. As the afternoon wears on, these five very different women joyously discover a common bond in this wickedly funny, irreverent and touching celebration of the women’s spirit.” 

The show runs October 9-11 and 17-18 at Lakeshore Middle School in Grand Haven. For more information and to purchase tickets, call: 616-850-6566

I’d love to see you there! 

(All photos by Rachel Kaye Photography


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