Around The Yard

It has finally started to warm up a bit and flowers are blooming here in West Michigan.  Since this is the first spring in my new home, I was so excited to see what would pop up this year! I actually had a couple of surprise tulips that I forgot to photograph. One of them was red and the other one was yellow. They were so pretty and so I am thinking about planting a few more tulip bulbs this fall! I was so relieved to see all five plants that my dad put in last summer came back. I’ve never had a green thumb so I’m so proud of keeping his plants alive and well! This beauty was especially lovely and full of blooms a couple of weeks ago. I have forgotten what it is called. Does anyone know the name?

image My pear trees also were in full bloom and looking so beautiful! image I can’t wait to see if my hydrangeas flower this year and I have a few other sprouts starting up… I can’t tell if they are weeds or flowers yet, so I’ll have to keep you posted! Have you had any surprise flowers popping up this year?


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