Raise The Roof… Er… I Mean The Shower Curtain 

Today I have a super quick and easy update for you. This was actually one of the first projects that I tackled in my new home last summer. If you remember, my bathroom was originally a beige box with lots of dark wood. What I never showed you was the equally dark brown shower curtain. It made my small bathroom feel even tinier.First, I raised the shower rod up close to the ceiling.

Raise the shower curtainThis makes the room feel so much bigger and it really pulls the eye upward. I like to use white shower curtains for a more spa-like feel. I got my extra long shower curtain here. The curtain is quite thin and I paired it with a clear liner. My bathroom has a (frosted, thank God!) window in the shower and this is a way to let some of the filtered natural light into the room.

Raise your shower curtain to make the room look bigger!

This was so hard to photograph! I hope you get the idea. My bathroom sure has come a long way…  painting my vanity and adding a serene blue to the walls. Now, I just want to add some art or shelves above the toilet and this room will be pretty much complete!


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