Fantasy Blue Bathroom Update

Oh hey, remember how I’ve had that gallon of paint sitting around since July? Well, I finally painted my bathroom!!

First, I removed the old towel bar above the toilet and patched up the holes. Can I just tell you… I hate towel bars above the toilet. Mine always fall down. Am I the only one? Anyway, last summer I had picked out and purchased “fantasy blue” by Benjamin Moore. I wanted a cooler, airy color that would still look nice with the beige tiles in my shower. Here is a reminder of what my bathroom looked like when I bought my house: dark wood vanity and beige walls.

before: dark bathroom furniture  that I painted a crisp, bright white

I painted my vanity and mirror  a while back and updated the knobs for a personal touch. Now, two coats of paint later, my bathroom has gone from beige to blue!

Fantasy blue by Benjamin moore

It it has been so long since I picked this color that I had been imagining something else. As I was painting, I was totally having color remorse. However, after living with the color for a few days, it is starting to grow on me. That’s not to say that I won’t change it up down the line but I have other fish to fry and other rooms to paint before thinking about a color swap. What do you think of the new color?

Fantasy blue by Benjamin moore

I still want to add some shelves or artwork above the toilet, but my bathroom has certainly come a long way since I purchased my house! Have you done any painting lately?



2 thoughts on “Fantasy Blue Bathroom Update

  1. You may be feeling remorse, but you found my ‘dream’ blue! I want a beach~ey color and this is it! Fantasy Blue by Benjamin Moore is really my fantasy blue! Thank you! (it looks great with your crisp white, too btw!)

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