Succulent Repotting Project

Last summer I added three adorable succulents to my kitchen window and they are still going strong. My little plant friends have been thriving and lately had grown a little too big for their small bowls. I tried to open the window the other day to let in some spring air and the plants were so top heavy that they tipped right over. So, I decided to stop by Home Depot and pick up some new baby succulents. I wanted to transplant and repot the ones I had and then picked up two more to help fill out the arrangements. Quite the pile of succulents. Maybe I have a problem…

Repotting and transplanting succulents

I used my handy river rocks to line the bottom of my pot and bowls to help with drainage. Then I just arranged my plants in the containers and filled in any holes with potting mix. I really love how they turned out!

Repotting succulents

Adorable succulents in mini latte bowls from Anthropologie

Mini latte bowls from Anthropologie to hold succulents

I love Succulents!!

Repotting succulents

I love keeping succulents in my home. They are so easy to care for!

I love keeping these easy to care for plants in my home. I just give them a little bit of water once a week, just enough to dampen the soil. Easy peasy!


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