Homeownership. When you can’t just call maintenance.

I recently shared some photos from of my home on my personal Facebook page and I received so many nice comments about how pretty my house looks. This is so funny to me because, like so many of us, the photos I share online are carefully cropped and edited. If I take just one step back, you would get a much more accurate view of my (still) unpacked boxes and dirty floors. This blog is about focusing on the positive, so I try to zoom in on the beautiful things and block out some of the clutter and chaos for just a moment.

Today I want to share some of that chaos, the ugly, and a very real side of homeownership… It’s been a long night. I debated skipping a post today and getting some sleep, but I already felt bad for missing Friday’s scheduled post. I’ve shared a lot of pretty moments here as I settle into my new home, but it isn’t always flowers and new furniture.

I usually eat my breakfast while reading blogs, so I’ll try and be aware of that for this next bit. Last night after I got home from rehearsal I saw that both of my pets had rough/sick days… Allllll over my bedding. Gross. First, I stripped down the bedding to launder it. Then I got a bath ready for Daisy to get her cleaned up. I remembered that it was Sunday and I needed to pull together some kind of blog post, so I went downstairs to my computer and saw water all over my basement floor and continuing to spread. Yaaaay.

Obviously I freaked out. I called my mom and my brother, convinced that I had somehow broken my house. They live nearly three hours away so when all this happens at midnight, I’m kinda on my own. That’s the one cruddy thing about owning a house, there isn’t a maintenance guy on call. So, I made a late night trip to Meijer and now I’m the proud owner of a rag mop/bucket. I spent my entire night mopping up all the water. Every towel I could find is soaked through. My voice is horse from rehearsal/blasting 80’s rock music. But at least my rain boots are cute…


Now that I’ve gotten things a little more under control, I was able to take a closer look and I’m pretty sure my outgoing sewer line is frozen or blocked. Yup. So that’s gross. I am exhausted, so I plan on taking a nap until businesses start to open up and then trying to figure out how to get this fixed. Any tips?


7 thoughts on “Homeownership. When you can’t just call maintenance.

  1. Good morning Katie. You might want to ask around your group of friends, and see if anyone knows of a good general repair man. That way, he can guide you in the right direction. But for this morning, I would call Roto Rooter. Good luck sweetie.

    • Thank you so much! I did get a hold of Roto Rooter and they’re going to come look at it first thing tomorrow. In the meantime I’m being sparing with my water usage and it’s drying up down there. Hopefully I can get all this fixed up soon! 🙂

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