Living Room Updates: My New Couch!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably saw the sneak peak I shared last week with my new couch! After ordering it back in December I am so excited to have some seating in my “formal living room.”

Daisy loves our new couch! #sneakpeak #hearthavenhome #homedecor

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I decided back when I purchased my home in June that I wanted to use every inch of space as much as possible. I adore my basement and I think it is one of the most unique features of my home, so I knew that I wanted to keep my TV and living room furniture down there. I have since added a pub table and my desk to the basement. That left my living room upstairs open to be a joined living/dining space. I picked up my beautiful bistro table earlier this fall and I have been keeping my eye out for a small sofa or settee for the space. I wanted to highlight my large picture window which is original to the home and not block any of the natural light. When I came across this one at Target, I knew it would be a great fit. I wanted something lightweight, a good price point, and kind of girly… Because I can. Ha!

my new couch!

My couch came in two boxes and needed to be assembled. I would highly recommend having two people for this job. Or maybe one person that has more than my 5ft arm span. I was able to do it by myself after a considerable amount of blood, sweat, and tears. It was an actual miracle that I was able to finish it without breaking the couch or myself.

pretty settee from Target of all places! So pretty and girly!

I really love how it looks in my living room. I can’t wait to paint the walls, add a faux fireplace, curtains, and get a big comfy arm chair for reading. I have so many ideas for this room! I can’t wait to share as it all comes together!


4 thoughts on “Living Room Updates: My New Couch!

  1. Beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your couch, and it is the most perfect thing in front of you window! It invites you to sit sideways and look out the window while reading a good book! Thanks for sharing with us…I hope Daisy shares with YOU!!

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