Pillow Talk

I wasn’t going to tell you just yet, but I ordered a couch back in December and it should be coming sometime this week! I maaaay have actually received part of the couch already! I am so excited to finally have proper seating in my upstairs (heated) living room! I can’t wait to share pictures once it arrives and is assembled.

To make my new couch look cozy and inviting, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for some lovely throw pillows. Then I came across a beautiful design by Caitlin Wilson Textiles. I really love all of her stuff and I have wanted something for quite a while. But now this Bridge City Blooms design… Be still my heart.


I haven’t been able to bite the bullet and purchase this beauty because it is on the pricey side and I want to be sure. It is really gorgeous though. I’m thinking it may be really pretty paired with this coral fretwork pillow.


and this navy souk one.


I just really love the idea of the delicate watercolor design in contrast with the geometric style of the other two! I like getting removable colors so that designs can be changed out seasonally and laundered.  Where is your favorite place to pick up throw pillows?


2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. I order throw pillow covers from Jane.com or Zulily. The ones from Jane are super nice quality and they always have a zillion designs/patterns to choose from. I like them because I have a messy child and I can just pop them off and wash them if there’s a spill.

  2. I finally found 2 deep red suede down filled pillows for our leather couch on Overstock.com. I have a hard time keeping pillows ON our slippery leather couch and two matching chairs, but these are just squishy enough with just enough ‘grab’ to them that they actually stay put and don’t end up on the floor! I’m excited about it! I love ‘your’ watercolor floral pillow-to-be, though! Have fun with your new furniture!

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