My New Pub Table

If you remember my big ticket/furniture wish list from a few months ago, I said that I was on the hunt for a great pub table. One of my favorite projects to date is my set of spray painted bar stools from my old house. I don’t have a counter top bar in Morning Joy and so I debated about where I wanted them to live in my new place. I had a board game table in my first house and I figured that a pub table for games could be a great option! I found a great farmhouse style pub table on and picked it up during a 20% off sale. They have great furniture promotions in store and online all the time!


I love the distressed farmhouse style and it is the perfect height for my counter height bar stools.  Here it is in my basement, with a random apothecary jar full of driftwood as a makeshift centerpiece.

farmhouse pub table from target

Sorry these are so grainy, the lighting in my basement is very difficult. Which is also probably why you haven’t seen much of it so far, with the exception of my desk. Here is a closer look at the planked table top.

pub table This table seems like a good quality for the price. It weighs about 70 lbs. so it is lightweight enough to move around as needed but not flimsy. I still cannot believe I got it up the steps into my house/down into the basement by myself! Assembly was also very straight forward and I was able to assemble it and stand it up by myself. It is a decent size and could comfortably seat 6. I am even thinking about getting two more stools this spring/summer when it’s warm enough to spray paint!

pub table from target

So far, I am loving it! You all know that I adore my West Elm bistro table, but this is a great option for  seating more people or hosting game nights! I still want to get an area rug to anchor this section of the room. I also would like to make a removable chalkboard table top (so much fun for kids/keeping score on game nights) that I can store away between uses. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share that project as it comes along!



3 thoughts on “My New Pub Table

  1. I really like the looks of your new table, and sent a photo of it to my daughter, who is looking for this very thing. Also, I love the small driftwood in your jar. Simple but creative. I like that!

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