Get Healthy With Me: Workout Routine and Get Fit Favorites

With New Years resolutions in full swing, many of us are trying to get back on the exercise band wagon and get fit. Today I wanted to share my favorite workout clothes and what I like to do to stay active.  my work out routine and get fit favorites I’m going to keep it real… I hate running, sweating, and sports in general.  I was never a person that had a great routine for exercise and staying active. I find that I do better with activities that give me a great workout without me realizing it. Last year I found a weighted hula hoop at Target and it has made exercising so much fun! Plus with bright colors in orange and pink, it’s super cute too!


This three pound hoop by Empower can be snapped apart for easy storage or customized so that the weight can be redistributed to add an extra challenge. I leave mine assembled all the time and on the easiest configuration. Hula Hooping is amazing for your core and is great for cardio as well. My hula hoop came with a DVD and booklet that had some great suggestions for using the hoop for a total body workout. Since it is weighted, it’s great for lightweight reps and toning your arms and legs! If you’re interested in this hula hoop, here are some of my tips:

  • Start Slow. When I was first starting out/if I have taken a break from hooping for even a week, I would get bruises on my sides from trying to push it too hard. Start by hula hooping for one song. Add another song each session/every other session until you build up to the amount of time you want to spend.
  • Get on a routine. I like to hula hoop every other day. Like I mentioned above, hip bruises from my hoop have been a very real thing. I prefer to get a great workout every other day.
  • Hydrate! This is so important whenever you’re exercising. I always grab some water in between songs. I love my Contigo Tranquil water bottles. Obviously, I got mine at Target but they’re sold here on Amazon too!
  • Speaking of songs… make sure to get an awesome playlist that you love to dance to! It’ll keep you motivated and having fun. Mine is called “Hoopnotic” 🙂 I mix rap/shakira/a little bit of bollywood if I feel like it. Honestly, I think anything that you’d hear at a zumba class works great for hula hooping.

So, thats pretty much what I do to stay active. I’ve been using my hula hoop for a year now and I still love it. It’s not the most life-changing workout in the world and it won’t give you instant results, but it’s fun and it is something to keep you moving and grooving all winter long. This might be TMI but when I went to my doctors appointment this year she said that I had strong abs and asked what I do to work out. HA! So that was pretty cool!

One of the things that keeps me motivated to work out is the lure of cute clothes. I’ll admit it, I’m an activewear junkie! I buy all of my workout clothes from Target’s C9 line and this week is the annual “Get Fit” event. You will not find better deals all year, trust me. My go-to style is a quarter zip pullover and capri length leggings. There are so many colors to choose from! They are so comfortable and quite flattering. I love this gray/black combo that I got last year… plus it has thumb holes!

Ok, I’m going to loop you in on some great deals, my friends. Brace yourself. Each day this week Target will have a one day coupon on Cartwheel for 50% off of a C9 item! Yesterday was 50% off of the 1/4 zip pullovers… and, yes, of course I partook! For in store purchases, there are two mobile coupons: $5 off $30 if you text “GETFIT5” to Target and $10 off of $50 if you text “GETFIT10” to Target throughout this week. There is also a promo code for the same deal on online purchases; just type “GETFIT” This totally seems like a sponsored post but I just work in a Target store and I give them back a lot of my paycheck in activewear purchases. Ooops. How do you stay active? Am I the only one who has a problem saying “no” to adorable activewear and a great deal?


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