Get Organized: Erin Condren Life Planner

I hope you all had a very happy New Year! I was able to visit my hometown and spend time with my family which was a very nice way to ring in 2015. Last year was the most difficult year of my life, but I survived and have learned so much along the way. I have tried to focus on improving my mind, body, and soul. One of the ways I have strived to achieve this is by getting more organized. With the new year rolling in it seems like a perfect time to share some of the things I’m doing around my home to keep organized starting with my brand new planner!

life planner by erin condren

When I was in school, I LOVED using a planner. By the end of the year, it would be falling apart and covered in stickers and notes. I always used The Far Side comic planner. If you’re not familiar with Gary Larson’s comic strip, you definitely need to check it out. This one is my absolute favorite.


Gosh, that is so good. Anyway, when they stopped making The Far Side planners, I stopped using one. I have tried to use my phone calendar but it just wasn’t the same. This year, in order to juggle rehearsals, work, events, blogging, and appointments, I decided to get back on the bandwagon. Let me tell you… I pretty much picked the prettiest wagon in town.

I did a ton of research starting back in November to find the perfect planner system for me. There are so many great options out there! I kept jumping back and forth between two options. Option one was using a printable (There are tons of planner printables available on Etsy, I love this one by iheartorganizing) and combining it with the Martha Stewart line at Staples.

i heart organizing daily planner

Option two was the beautiful Simplified Planner by Emily Ley.

Simplified Planner

Isn’t it pretty?! This was my conundrum… I loved how customizable the Martha Stewart/iheartorganizing planner could be but it sort of overwhelmed me. However, while the simplified planner was beautiful and streamlined, I kept thinking: “Can’t I, like, add a little pouch for my pens or something?”

After the Simplified Planners sold out in December, I started my search all over again. I was determined to find something before the New Year started. As much as I love Taylor Swifts new song, I really hate having blank space at the beginning of my planner.

Then… I found Erin Condren’s Life Planners. They are beautiful, customizable, and basically EVERYTHING. Guys ,there is even a little pouch for my pens!

In order to get my planner by January I decided to go with the quick ship option. It has all of the features of the customized life planners but is already assembled and ready to go! You also get a voucher in the planner with a coupon for a FREE customized, interchangeable cover! I can’t wait to pick one out, in the meantime, this is what the quick ship cover looks like… how perfect for the New Year!?

Erin Condren Life Planner

I know I have only had my planner for a few days but I absolutely love it so far! I was going to wait and share it with you once it was worn in a little bit more, but I figured that some of you may be looking for your 2015 planner and I just couldn’t wait to share!!

Plus, if you Sign up here you will receive a $10 OFF coupon for your first purchase! (Yeah, I’m not kidding. A $10 coupon for your planner and then once it arrives you can get a free customized cover if you choose the quick ship design)

Just a warning: If you love office supplies, search for “Erin Condren Planner” videos on YouTube at your own risk. There are so many ways to customize and make your planner truly unique. I am too embarrassed to tell you how many I watched while I waited for my planner to arrive. And, if the life planner isn’t your style, maybe one of the other options would fit your needs better!

So, how do you organize your life? Do you use your cell phone? Or do you like old fashioned pen and paper?


One thought on “Get Organized: Erin Condren Life Planner

  1. ABSOLUTELY the old fashioned paper/notebook/planner method, with colored pencils, pens and stickers abounding! I will check out the planners you mentioned, as I haven’t gotten that far yet in my new year. Planning? I’m still sitting by the fire with a glass of wine celebrating the new year! I haven’t started considering planners yet. I’m already way behind!

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