My New Dishwasher


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with love and great company! I was able to get home to spend time with my family, see a movie, and do a little visiting.

I have been itching to share some of the updates that have been happening behind the scenes at my house! This year for Christmas, my mom was SO kind and got me a brand new dishwasher! It was delivered a couple of weeks ago and I am LOVING it!

I don’t think I’ve ever showed my old dishwasher here, so I snapped a few pictures the evening before it was delivered. Ah yes, Old Yeller.

old yellow

Yup, my old dishwasher was old and quite yellowed on the outside. Lets not even talk about the inside. So gross. I’m pretty sure it may have been making me sick. My old dishwasher was SO loud when it ran. Daisy would get very scared by the noise and try to lay underneath me or climb into the most ridiculous places in my home (I have found her in the laundry hamper, in the dresser drawers, and she has even climbed up into the shelves of my closet).

new dishwasher

My new dishwasher, by contrast, is a gorgeous stainless steel design by Maytag. We picked it up at Home Depot on sale and they did the install within two weeks and even hauled Old Yeller away.

There is loads of space inside! It has a garbage disposal function built inside which grinds up any food that the detergent doesn’t break down. There is a sanitizing function and my dishes come out sparkling every time. I didn’t realize how poorly Old Yeller was cleaning my dishes until I ran the new one for the first time. What a difference! Of course, it is also MUCH quieter which Daisy loves. She is still terrified of the kitchen, but at least I can run my dishwasher without sending my dog into an anxiety attack.

It is just so pretty! I can’t wait to upgrade the rest of my appliances a little bit at a time!


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