December Blooms

You all know by now that I love having fresh blooms in my home. I have shared floral arrangements several times on the blog (my first house, dahlias, farmers market finds, and grocery store blooms) This week I snapped a few photos of the cream roses I received from a very special guy after my show this weekend. Yup, my six year old nephew picked these out all by himself. Aren’t they just stunning!? He has the best taste!

beautiful cream roses

pretty cream and gold floral arrangement

cream colored roses with gold accents look so beautiful next to the christmas tree

Holiday florals don't have to mean poinsettias. I love this  simple arrangement of cream roses and gold accents

cream and gold accents. fresh flowers for the holidays

I also received these beautiful blooms from some of the gals at work who came to see my show this weekend. So sweet!!

add a pop of color to your home this winter with pretty flowers in a simple mason jar

poppy blooms add a fun touch to your home this holiday season

These fresh flowers make me smile every time I walk by them. I am keeping the poppy, bright blooms in my kitchen to greet me when I get home. The cream roses look stunning in my living room next to my silver, gold, and blue Christmas tree. Do you like keeping fresh flowers in your home?


2 thoughts on “December Blooms

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