HeartHavenHolidays: Decorating My Christmas Tree

I love decorating for the holidays! This year, I was on the hunt for a new Christmas tree. So, while I was in town visiting family a few weeks ago, we stopped by the happiest place on earth… Bronners.

Bronners trip

Bronners trip

Located in Frankenmuth Michigan, Bronners is “The World’s Largest Christmas Store!” Seriously, they have everything that your holiday loving heart could want. I found a gorgeous 7.5ft tall tree with white lights. It is perfect! I also maaaay have went a little crazy picking up beautiful baubles and personalized ornaments!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was so excited to start decorating. I actually decorated my tree on Thanksgiving evening!

My helper 😉 #dogsofinstagram #daisydog #trimthetree #hearthavenholidays

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I even pulled out my Olivia Pope wine glass and some Christmas tunes to get me in the spirit!

In previous years, I have always used multi colored lights and an assortment of sentimental and meaningful ornaments. This year, I wanted to do something different and try a color scheme! I decided to go with silver, gold, and hints of blue. Then, I used a cozy, fuzzy blanket that I picked up from Target as my tree skirt this year. I love the texture that it adds and how pretty it looks draped below the tree.

gold, silver, blue christmas tree

I even got a personalized ornament with my home’s name “Morning Joy” and the year to celebrate the accomplishment of purchasing my own home.  I also picked up a beautiful ornament for my dad, who we will all miss very much this holiday season.

morning joy ornament

This “Noel” ornament is my favorite one on my mom’s tree. This year, I had to pick one up for myself! It is so beautiful with little gold rivers swirling around, a delicate ribbon, and the whole thing is actually a working jingle bell!

noel ornament

I really love how it all turned out!

blue, silver, gold tree

Gosh, Daisy is so stinking cute!!

daisy by the tree

I have quite a few more plain gold/silver/blue ornaments that I could add to fill things out, but I sort of love how the unique ornaments really stand out!

christmas tree

Is your tree up already? Do you stick with a color scheme or use an assortment of sentimental ornaments? Should I add more to mine or leave it as it is?


5 thoughts on “HeartHavenHolidays: Decorating My Christmas Tree

  1. I have 4 trees up, and tons of garland, as we have an open house for the public every year. I like the simplicity of your tree, AND the fuzzy blanket! Our tree has literally hundreds of ornaments on it, and the ‘theme’ (which I’ve never done before) is wildlife with touches of…pink! It is lovely in a whole different way! Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your new ornaments!

  2. Cute puppy and pretty tree, Katie. Try adding a little more trimming at the top if you don’t want to add more ornaments. Maybe some glittery branches. I usually like sticking with a little color scheme and sentimental/personalized ornaments. This year I chose a little more red color, given that my tree has a lot of white snow and I wanted some pop of color. Some of the ornaments have our names on them, some have been gifts throughout the years and of course I love my nutcracker ornaments. I even have the ornament my parents got for my 1st Xmas in 1985!

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