Inexpensive Grocery Store Blooms

The weather here in West Michigan has been quite temperamental. Most kids in the area have had two snow days already and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve already had to break out the snow blower for the season.

And so it starts… I wish I had a smaller driveway. #michiganwinter #snow

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However, this weekend we had a ton of rain and temps back up in the 50s.  So weird!

Anyway, with all of this gloomy weather I wanted to add some color back into my house. While I was at the grocery store on one of our snowy days last week, I picked up some pretty blooms to cheer things up.

grocery store blooms

roses from the grocery store

add color to your home on dreary months with grocery store blooms

Grocery store blooms are an inexpensive and easy  way to breathe live into your home during these chilly months. I think the key is just to find healthy looking flowers in colors that you love. When I get home, I take everything apart, trim them up, and then put an arrangement together. This original bouquet had some fall colored leaves and straw pieces mixed in so I pulled them out to let the pretty blooms shine.

inexpensive flower arrangement with grocery store blooms

grocery store flowers

grocery store blooms

I love the contrast of the red and pink. Its a simple and pretty arrangement to brighten up my home just a little bit on these gloomy days.


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