Custom Cut Glass Table Top

A few weeks ago, I shared my new bistro table from West Elm. I am still loving my table and have not had to eat Chinese in bed in over a month. Life is good.


My table is made of Mango wood and the top has a beautiful variegated grain. The wood looks raw, untreated, and gorgeous. In order to preserve the beauty of my table and still be able to use it as my everyday dining table, I wanted to get a glass table top to protect it.

I looked several places online and didn’t have much luck finding a reasonably priced table top. This table is a 32″ diameter, an apparently uncommon size, which means that it needed to be special ordered. My mom was so kind and contacted a local glass company near my hometown and had glass custom cut for me. The Valley Glass Company of Saginaw is a family owned business that has been around since 1980. In addition to commercial glass projects, they also offer custom cut glass, mirrors, shower enclosures, and other services. The price was quite a bit more reasonable than what I was finding online and we didn’t have to pay for shipping since my mom brought it with her on her next visit. Seriously, my mom is the best. (THANKS, MOM!)

add a glass table top to protect the natural wood

In the photos the glass looks like it doesn’t quite reach the edge, but it’s an optical illusion and it’s actually a great fit. They did a fantastic job! I love the look of the shiny glass top in contract to the rougher wood. It’s wonderful to be able to eat at my table and not worry about damaging the surface. Cleanup is super easy with a little bit of glass cleaner!

custom cut glass table top

You can see that I also switched out my Halloween centerpiece to my default/fall option. I’m still trying to decide what I want to do for Thanksgiving!custom cut glass top to protect table surface

I love my table even more now and I can’t wait to pull together the rest of my living/dining room!!


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