West Michigan Wednesday: The Seasoned Home

One of the things I love most about my home is the location! I love living in West Michigan and enjoy many activities around town. I wanted to create a series that explores some of the great things that this area has to offer.

West Michigan Wednesday

This week I wanted to share a sweet little shop located in downtown Holland called The Seasoned Home.

"The seasoned home" located in holland Michigan

This store is locally owned and operated by two friends who wanted to start a business together. The staff is so friendly and the product selection is amazing. I love these adorable teapots and I actually picked one up in aqua for myself. I’m so excited to steep a pot of tea to drink out of my favorite mug!

Adorable tea pots at "the seasoned home"

There is also a large selection of loose leaf teas, seasonings, dips, marmalade, soup mixes and more.

Loose leaf teas

The seasoned home

My favorite product sold at The Seasoned Home has to be the gurgle pots. They are so cute. If you’ve never used a gurgle pot; they are basically a pitcher shaped like a fish. When you fill them up, air gets trapped in the handle and so it makes a fun gurgle noise when you pour it out.  They come in two sizes and a ton of color options to work with your home decor.

Gurgle pot

Mini gurgle pot

I am love with the lavender color and can’t wait until it back in stock in the larger size!

Be sure to stop by The Seasoned Home this holiday season to pick up some fun and unique gifts or a few new things to make your next party extra special.

Ok guys, about that cute teapot I just bought…I’m so excited to try out it out with some loose leaf teas! I love my Traditional Medicinals tea, but I want to branch out a little. Do any of you have recommendations for what I should try first?


2 thoughts on “West Michigan Wednesday: The Seasoned Home

  1. Love your little shop! I love Camp Bowie in Texas-so many neat little shops there like yours.
    As far as tea goes I would reccamend Kava Kava because it helps you relax and maybe even take a good nap. My second favorite tea is from Good Earth teas but the name of it slips my memory right now, and lastly I would reccamend Ginger tea. I love it and it helps with your digestion.

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