Spooktacular Style: Tea Light Sculls and Spray Paint Decisions.

Whew. That is a long title.

Have Spooktacular Style this year with Black, White, and Silver Halloween Decor

I thought it would be fun to do a little series and share how I am going to decorate my home for Halloween this year. I do think I’m going to minimize my Halloween decorations a little bit and just add a few seasonal touches. I usually go all out, but I feel like I’m still getting settled in my new home and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. I shared in a previous post that I wanted to change up some of my go-to Halloween decor tricks and try a new seasonal color palette for my living room. I’m really loving the chic look and sharp contrast of black, white, and silver. I haven’t shared this before, but I plan on using a dusty lavender, blues, and grays in my formal living room year-round and I think this high contrast Halloween look will bring just the right touch of spooky fun to my bachelorette pad in coming years!

Cool skull from Michael's! The back pops off to add a tea light. The result: an eerie glow perfect for the Halloween Season!

I still have a long way to go in furnishing Morning Joy and I’m still pining away for my dream mantle, but I thought it would be fun to make a little vignette on my blue entryway table. I already had a black spiderweb table runner that I scored on clearance at Target a few years back. I paired that with another Target find, my sweet little haunted house.  I always like adding a few pieces each year and I found these great sculls at Michaels for 60% off! Yup,  they were $4. They are so cool! The back pops off and you can add a tea light inside for an eerie glow. My table is still looking a bit bare, so I want to add in some more visual interest. I’m thinking maybe a fun candelabra to add a bit of height or some vintage books for texture.

Creepy Skulls and a spider web table runner add a hint of Halloween festivity to this teal table

I don’t have the funds to replace my entire holiday arsenal at once, so in an effort to change up my tried and true Halloween pieces I was thinking of giving new life via a few coats of spray paint. I have these really cool Jack-O-Lanterns that I picked up a few years ago from the grocery store.

Fun Jack-O-Lanterns. To paint or not to paint?

But I can’t decide what to do with them! I thought I would take a quick poll and see what you guys think. Should I leave them in their natural state? Or go with a glossy white, chic black, or a modern silver metal finish? Let me know below!

Use spray paint to give new life to old seasonal decor or new thrift store finds


3 thoughts on “Spooktacular Style: Tea Light Sculls and Spray Paint Decisions.

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