My New Bistro Table

Remember when I said that I wanted this bistro table from West Elm? It was the table on my bucket list. My dream dining solution, if you will. When I saw that West Elm was having a sale on dining room furniture, I knew it was an opportunity I needed to jump on. So I bit the bullet and bought it.


The shipping was incredibly fast. I placed my order on Tuesday and it came on Friday afternoon. There was some minor assembly involved to attach the table top to the pedestal but it wasn’t very difficult. I needed a bit of help from my mom, who was in town, to stand it upright but it may be possible to do it alone. For being solid wood, I was surprised how lightweight it was. I could carry each piece separately. It is very sturdy and seems to be a great quality, I’m impressed and totally thrilled with my West Elm experience overall.

west elm bistro table

It is so pretty. I was only able to snag one picture before my camera battery died, but I’m sure this isn’t the last time you’ll see my new favorite piece of furniture. I want to get a glass table top to help protect it for the long haul. But I’m having a hard time finding a 32″ glass top for a reasonable price. If you see something let me know.

I have so many centerpiece ideas floating around in my head and I can’t wait to come up with something fun and festive for Halloween. I love how the table looks paired with my parson chairs, although I may swap them out for something a different color down the line. I haven’t decided for sure yet. Do you like the neutral beige chairs?

In the meantime, it’s so nice to eat at a table. No more Chinese food in bed. I feel so fancy.



13 thoughts on “My New Bistro Table

  1. I do like the chairs, but if you wanted to punch up the color you could get two inexpensive table runners to drape over the backs of them. I found some super cheap at Big Lots that I use in my bedroom. I love how you are quickly making your house a welcoming home.

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