Halloween Decor Inspiration

I LOVE decorating for holidays. I have plastic bins for nearly every holiday. I have two or three bins just for Halloween. I even have icicle jack-o-lantern lights and orange/purple rope lights.  I’m that girl. So, now that October is here I’m itching to bust out the pumpkins and creepy decor.

I have been decorating my home the same way each Halloween for at least four years and this year I want to change things up a little bit for my bachelorette pad. I’ve been browsing on Pinterest and I am feeling drawn to a more simplified and classy color palette using black, silver, and white. The overall effect is so pretty and chic.  Check out this inspiration photo from The Decorated House.


So pretty. The faux spiders seriously creep me out, so I won’t be replicating that in any way. I freaking hate spiders.

Side note: I have a huge guard dog spider who lives on my back porch because I’m too terrified to relocate him… Can we just say he’s seasonal decor?

Anyway, I really love the black and white highlighted by pretty mercury glass accents. The antique books add great texture and height. I can’t wait to pull out some of my old Halloween standbys and give them some new life and a few coats of paint!

I also stumbled across some fantastic (and free!!) chalkboard prints over at Classy Clutter.


Be sure to head over there and check out all three designs. It is so easy put a seasonal printable in a frames and it will instantly update your space for the holiday! I adore this “something wicked” print and you better believe I will be trying to find the perfect place for it in my home!

I am getting so excited for Halloween! What do you look forward to most with this holiday: costumes, decor, treats, or parties?


5 thoughts on “Halloween Decor Inspiration

  1. I am decorating my mantle with silver gold and white…can’t wait for white Jack-Be-Littles to come to our store! I will pass on the spiders too, nope, no way! For a hint of sparkle, I taped out my gourds and sprayed the stems silver or gold, too! I love it! Thanks for your inspiration, 🙂

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