DIY Decor: Painted Step Stool

updating an old step stool with fresh paint

My driver’s license says I’m 5’1″ but I wore tall shoes that day. I bet they would let me put whatever I wanted to on there within reason. My point is… I’m pretty stinking short. Step stools are a necessity in my life every single day. It’s fine, I’m used to it. #shortgirlproblems. Most of the step stools I’ve owned in the past are these large, bulky, plastic things that I tote from room to room. When I bought my house, there was a lovely little wooden step stool sitting in the corner. It was banged up, a little discolored, and kind of perfect!

before stool

step stool before

This adorable little stool is the perfect height to reach my every-day items in the kitchen. I have tall kitchen cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling and, on my tip toes, even the second shelf is a stretch. This little beauty needed some TLC so I thought I would give back just a little and spruce her up a bit while still leaving some of the character that I love.

divine color paint in starlight

I picked up a sample pot of the Divine Color paint from Target in the color Starlight which is a beautiful dusty lavender. I used a foam craft brush and applied two thin/even coats.

foam brush

I have never used this paint before and I have to say, I am really impressed. The color selection is gorgeous to start with and this display has caught my eye every time I walk by in the store. I had planned on using a thicker acrylic craft paint for this project but I actually ended up loving the thin, water based constancy of this paint. Using a water based/wall paint made application and clean up a breeze. I wanted a nice crisp line between the paint and the natural wood and it was so easy to achieve without taping anything off. Target also sells the Divine Color paint by the gallon so you could use it for a whole room! There are definitely mixed reviews for the paint online, but my experience with this small project was positive.

painted step stool update

The dusty lavender looks so pretty with the natural wood tones. I’m debating bringing the color (or another color like gold or white) down to cover the edge of the top and leaving the legs bare, but for now I love this look. I know it will get dinged up over time, because this stool is already well loved. But this was such an easy project, I don’t think I will mind touchups down the line!

I love taking items that I use every day and making them a little more pretty. Have you done any quick projects lately?


3 thoughts on “DIY Decor: Painted Step Stool

  1. I have a step atool I purchased rrom IKEA over 10 years ago. It has been at least 3 colors over the years. Its the only think from IKEA in my house…oh, and I’m 5’4″ and still need one for rhings on tje top shelf in the kitchen cabinets.

      • Honestly my step stool is the only thing I have from there. It is pine so it’s lasted. I did buy my daughter a bookshelf for college from there but it bent/warpped from the weight if actual books. 😦 I replaced it with a solid oak piece I got off craiglsit. I am not a fan of oak so I painted it and its solid like a rock. Good luck!

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