The Friday Five: Man Cave Makeover

Friday Five

I was contacted by Man Crates: Gifts for Men to be a part of their “Man Cave Makeover” campaign. The challenge is to find items to spruce up a dull Man Cave and make it as special as your guy.  Man Crates is a really cool website that specializes in finding that perfect gift for the hard to shop for man in your life: dads, brothers, friends, boyfriends, or husbands. These creative gift sets come packaged in a wooden crate and require the supplied crowbar to pry them open. There is a crate for everyone: gamers, beer lovers, sports fans, and your ever-prepared zombie survivalist. So stinking cool!!


For today’s “Friday Five” I’m going to share my five picks to take your Man Cave from drab to fab. Just because the guy in your life enjoys beers with his bros, answering The Call (of Duty), or a bidding on a high stakes game of poker doesn’t mean that his space can’t also be a sanctuary. Guys, I think it’s important to fill your home with items that you really love and a man cave shouldn’t have to sacrifice form for function! Here are five great gifts for your guy’s Man Cave Makeover!


Bring in a unique statement piece like this wine bottle chandelier from Pottery Barn. While it is currently sold out online, there are a ton of DIY tutorials for similar projects on Pinterest. This fun chandelier would add light and life to your cave. You could make one with your guy’s favorite brands or sentimental bottles from special/fun events.


Snag a projector like this one on Amazon to make his games and movies larger than life. There is nothing like blasting away bad guys and talking smack from the comfort of your own cave.


Add fun, personalized artwork, like these James Bond posters I found on Etsy. I love minimalist movie posters, there are a ton of options available to reflect your guy’s personality! Personalized artwork is a great way to make a space feel special. I love the graphic design of the minimalist movie posters, they get the point across while maintaining a cohesive design that isn’t too distracting.


Man Caves can be in your basement, garage, shed, extra room, Ect. Many times our homes don’t have a place for a full bar. Swap out the girly bar carts I mentioned on Monday for my favorite rustic/industrial cart stocked with his favorites: whiskey, beer, wine or liquor. Man Caves don’t have a reputation for being super kid-friendly so this is a great option for those of you who want an excuse to buy a bar cart but worry about little hands knocking everything over.



Finally, add in some fun/quirky details like these Rock, Paper, Scissor dice from Pottery Barn… you know, because he makes decisions like a classy adult. Or you could stock up on these shotgun shell coasters to make protecting the furniture just as badass as your favorite dude.

UGH. Ok, I know that was six, but I couldn’t pick!! Oh well, Bonus!

You guys know I love living in my “Bachelorette Pad” and so this blog and my pinterest boards are full of girly ideas and inspiration. However, it was SO much fun to switch it up for a minute!  What items would you pick to makeover your Man Cave?

Ok, also: What Man Crate do you want to pry open? Because let’s be real, I definitely want one for myself!!! I can’t choose!


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five: Man Cave Makeover

  1. This post was incredibly helpful to me!!!! I will be utilizing this information for Christmas gifts! !! What great ideas, you hit the nail on the head with this post. 🙂

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