DIY Decor: New Knobs/Using My Drill For The First Time

I am obsessed with changing out knobs. I did a quick update in my bathroom last month and I love the knobs I picked up for that project. In fact, I loved them so much that I went back to Anthropologie and picked up two more. I may have a knob problem.

pretty knobs from anthropologie add an instant update to your space

Sigh. Aren’t they pretty? I thought it would be fun to spice up my little hallway with some fun knobs. I kept the designs cohesive and quite similar to the knobs I used in my bathroom: clocks and compass. I have cupboards above the two bedroom doors in my home and they are a great place to store seldom needed items. I am currently using mine for extra table linens and towels. The hallway is in desperate need of a paint touchup but I decided to do this quick knob update first. The original hardware was a nondescript, yellowed gold design.

before: original gold hardware

Zooming out you can see what I mean about above the door and that they look awkward with the oil rubbed bronze hardware on the door.

before: original gold hardware

First, I needed to unscrew the original knobs. The front gold facing pretty much just popped off and 1:4 times hit me square in the head.

removed original gold hardware

Then I had to use a screw driver to get out the long screws holding them in place. This. Was. Tedious. I am juuuuust 5ft tall and to be stretched out on my tip toes and on a step stool working on these screws just about drove me nuts. I entertained myself by making up new words to 80’s rock songs… most of them were about being freaking awesome and making fun of my dog. Keepin’ it real.

stupid long screw that took forever to remove

After these terribly long screws were all pulled out, I tried to pop my new, fancy knobs in as I had previously. But I found that the hole was too small. UGH. At this point, I knew I had one choice… I had to break out my cordless drill. Scared out of my mind to use a power tool all by myself, I let this project sit for a week. Not even kidding. Finally, I had enough. I took a deep breath and channeled this moment from Cool Runnings.

I headed out to the garage to face my fear. I have a Makita cordless drill that my mom and dad helped me pick out after I bought my house. It is so cute and it has just been hanging in my garage for three months. After staring at the thing for a solid five minutes trying to remember ANYTHING from the tutorial with my dad, I snapped out of it and pulled out the manual for my drill like a big girl and learned how to attach the drill bit. I practiced a couple of times on the workbench in my garage and it. felt. AWESOME!

makita cordless drill

Laughing maniacally, I came back inside and drilled four holes to be able to accommodate my new knobs. I don’t even know what size bit I used because I was on a power (tool) trip. Somehow I managed to grab this shot on my phone… you guys know what a drill looks like but I can’t believe I was able to take this on a steps tool with my phone in one hand and my drill in the other… so here you go.

makita drill Then I just popped my knobs on. They are so easy to install, just put the knob (attached to the screw) into the hole and tighten on with a mini washer. Boom. Done.

compass knobs from anthropologie

Everything still needs a fresh coat of paint, but these knobs are so much easier to work with so taking them back out for that project won’t be an issue.

vintage clock knobs from anthropologie

Stepping back they look so much more cohesive with the door’s hardware and add some visual interest to my small hallway.

new knobs

This was a pretty easy update (frustrating screws and scary power tools aside) and it helped my overcome my initial fear of my cordless drill! There are so many projects that I want to do now and I’m working up the courage to bust out Kita (she needed a name and I’m not super creative) again.

makita cordless drill

Am I the only one that thinks power tools are cute? I feel the same way with wild animals: they are so cute, but I kind of keep my distance. Ain’t she a beaut?


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