Get Organized: DIY Wooden Chalkboard Labels

chalkboard labels

Today’s project is actually something I was working on at my first house and never had the chance to share it with you. I made fun chalkboard labels to organize my linen closet and I plan on using them in my new house as well. I will be tackling some projects in my bathroom over the next few weeks and I hope to share my updated linen closet with you then. In the meantime, I made new labels for my bedroom closet!

closet organization

I love using baskets to organize and corral items that I reach for regularly. I hate digging through drawers for socks or a layering tank in the morning, it is so much easier to have them all in one spot. I decided to use the top shelf in my closet to hold these everyday basics.

chalkboard labels to organize my closet

I picked up these little wooden circles from Joann Fabrics for a couple bucks. They are a great size for labels and they are already sanded down which is perfect!

wooden labels joanns

Then I gave them a couple of coats of Krylon chalkboard spray paint.

krylon chalkboard paint

I prepped them with an even coat of chalk and wiped everything off.

chalkboard label

Then it was time to write! I used a basket for socks, basic tank tops, long sleeve t shirts for layering, and extra bags (totes, hardbacks, wallets, ect).

chalkboard organization

I used baker’s twine (the color Ocean) from The Twinery and hot glue to attach them to my baskets.

hot glue

I love how easy it is to access these items in a hurry. It makes putting away laundry a breeze! I think this would be a great way to store swimwear as well.

easy closet organization

How do you feel about grab and go baskets?


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