Framing Sentimental Souvenirs

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. We had family visiting from out of town and it was wonderful to spend time outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather here in West Michigan.  We also found a great new sandwich place that I can’t wait to share with you on Wednesday!!


It has been a while since I gave you an update about the Gallery Wall/Gallery Hall.  I still have a lot of empty frames and a few DIY canvas projects to work on, but I did fill three more holes this weekend using pages from a calendar. My brother and his wife recently went on a trip to Ireland and brought back some really neat items to put in my hallway.  One of the items they picked up was a calendar from The Trinity College Library Dublin featuring artwork from The Book of Kells. This is a great option for artwork because you basically have a set of 12 prints to create a cohesive look in your home. I grabbed three of my favorites, gave them a little trim and popped them into a 5×7 frame.


Folio 290v The four symbols of the Evangelists


Folio 291v Portrait of Saint John


and Folio 2r Canon 1 The Four Evangelists

They also gave me a beautiful ink drawing of the Cliffs of Moher but I’m thinking about getting a custom frame. I think this is a great option for souvenirs from a vacation, you could even frame favorite postcards (I have a few from Chicago) on my wall already. Have you ever framed pages from a calendar? What about postcards or playbills? Or do you prefer pictures, paintings, or mirrors to decorate your space?






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