Do The Creep: Planting Creeping Mertyl In Our Front Yard

We are getting our creep on!

Creeping Mertyl that is. Let me take a few steps back and catch you up… When we last left the front yard, we had pulled out all of the bushes and weeds that had been taking over our front yard like something straight out of Jumanji.


After the mass excavation is was looking a little more like this…. there was actually a house back behind all of that! Whew knew?


As I mentioned before we had gone back and forth about what to do next. We tossed around leveling the ground and planting grass or putting in mulch, but we eventually landed on a low maintenance ground cover to ease our way into the whole landscaping thing. I did a lot of research and landed on Creeping Mertyl, not to be confused with Moaning Mertyl.

(Five points to your house if you saw that reference coming!)

I like that it is a hardy, fast spreading plant but it seemed a little less invasive and easier to control than something like English Ivy. Creeping Mertyl is a low laying ground cover that gets little purple flowers in the spring. I picked up 50 plugs from a seller on Amazon (before finding out that a bunch of people at work have free Mertyl that they could have given me… lesson learned!) It came in two bunches which we had to separate.


Kurt went through an lightly tilled up the soil to loosen everything up and then it was time to plant.


We spaced the plugs about 6-10 inches apart based on what I was able to find online.


Lets step back a little


I may be able to get some more plants from coworkers to help fill things in a little and then we won’t have to wait as long for nice coverage. We were thinking about using pavers to edge but some of the gals at work have a bunch of hostas that they will be digging up this fall. I think that could be really pretty to frame our the Mertyl and add a little something else to the front yard.


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