After moving in June we decided to focus on things inside the house and getting settled for this first summer. This way we could start fresh with landscaping with almost a year under our belts. We thought it would be fun to see what kinds of plants pop up this summer and take some the pressure off. (OMG we have a HOUSE and a YARD to take care of now!?!)

However, as the summer progressed we had a couple of  problems holding to this commitment. Here they are:


In case you can’t see past the big mess of green, that would be two giant, overgrown bushes, lilacs, hostas, and a whole lotta weeds just chilling in our front yard, completely blocking the house. All summer we toyed with the idea of transplanting the bushes, trimming them down or pulling them out completely. I did love how pretty the lilacs were on moving day but we just didn’t have the man power to transplant that beast of a bush.


We landed on removing everything from under the trees just to make it less overwhelming. I was worried that it may turn into a bigger mess if we waited until spring to clear everything out so we took advantage of a Sunday off and went to town.  Literally, we had to go to town to buy more yardwork-type-stuff. My thought process: Yardwork… Shopping…. Yay!! So, Tyler lopped off the branches of the two bushes and dug out the first stump while Kurt and I went to get supplies (rakes, a shovel, gloves, and five guys burgers)


Meanwhile, the giant lilac bush had a giant root system that would not budge. So, the guys tied a rope to the car and pulled that puppy out! They continued to rip out and dig up while I dragged the branches to the back yard. My thought process at this point: yardwork…yay. Now I remember why I would fake an injury when we would work on stuff outside growing up. So I took a little break and tried to teach Daisy how to bring in the newspaper… It did not go well.


However, we had to press on. We spent the next few hours pulling out all the plants and spreading out the dirt to make everything more even.


You can actually see the house!! It makes such a huge difference to clear that stuff all out of the way. I have been spending a lot of time researching different landscaping options to prettify the front yard. We have been talking about leveling the ground and laying grass, low maintenance ground cover, woodchips, stone, or something else entirely. I think we finally have come up with a plan and will be taking advantage of nice fall weather to plant this week! Of course I will be back with the details!


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