Birthday Bonanza: Paper lanterns and (more) balloons

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It is nearing the end of Kurt’s birthday week and I am almost out of projects. (seen here, here and here)  I just have a couple of store-bought options to share with you today to wrap up the festivities and one of them involves (can you believe it) more balloons.


These ones were just the standard 12″ variety but I did get six of em. The gals at Party City were super nice and helpful when I was in there picking up my giant balloons. These smaller ones are just $1 (holla!) and that includes helium inflation. Full disclosure, they didn’t last long at all. On Wednesday morning they looked all wilted and sad. If you wanted them to last for the long haul, they can put this special goo (they told me it had the consistency of a liquid plastic) in with the helium to make them last a long time. I’m not sure what that would do to your vocal cords if you are trying to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks but it may buy you a couple more days of balloon fun!


The other item that I picked up was from Target. I grabbed these paper lanterns for something like $4 (plus cartwheel, team and redcard savings… booyah)  and I think they added something fun and festive to the kitchen. You can also see my super awesome clearance cake stand which I used for the first time with an AMAZING mint chocolate cake from Coldstone Creamery. YUMMM!  I think Kurt really enjoyed his birthday and we had a nice evening at home with some great friends, vintage super nintendo games, and Cards Against Humanity.


I grabbed this set of onesie jammies from Target to go along with the rest of his birthday presents. It. Has. A. Cape. I cannot stop laughing!! Hope you have a SUPER Weekend!


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