Birthday Bonanza: Easy Pom Pom Bunting

Kurts birthday was on Tuesday and I want to continue the celebration by sharing a quick project that I whipped up to spruce up the house in honor of his birth.


I have already showed you the subway art and balloon wreath that I use for our birthdays ever year. Well, this year, I wanted to add something  new and festive and thought it would be fun to make a birthday bunting using pom poms.


It was super easy! If you want to be fancy, you could make your own poms using yarn, but ain’t nobody got time for all that! I just used 3 bags of pom poms that I picked up from Hobby Lobby, a needle and thread. I just threaded the pom poms onto the string and then taped them up!

I loved the bunting in the dining room so much, I decided to whip one up for the living room too!
Do you have any birthday decor traditions? Have you tried to make your own poms?



One thought on “Birthday Bonanza: Easy Pom Pom Bunting

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