{Paint} the Front Door!

I can’t believe I have had this little blog for over a month now. I am still trying to catch up on pre blog projects here while tossing in fun things that I am working on in real time. Here is a project that we tackled pretty early on. It is so funny that I have forgotten about painting our front doors until now, as we look at them every.single.day! The exterior of the door is a deep, pretty red color and for now, it will stay.


For now, the biggest problem I had was with the interior of the garage and front doors. Along with nearly every other wall in the house they were painted the same pretty, but boring shade of green. I wanted to break that up right away.


After picking up the keys to the house we changed out the locks to limit the amount of people who would have access to our home. It is creepy to think about the amount of realtors, buyers, and even the previous owners or  tenant having a copy of the old keys. We made a decision to switch out the hardware to a pretty oil rub bronze. We loved the new handles and plan to incorporate them throughout the rest of the house eventually. However, all that pretty oil rubbed goodness was getting lost in the sea of green.


We decided the best way to make those puppies pop was to paint the interiors a crisp, bright white. This provides a great base is we want to switch out the color down the line. For this job I  used a 2in angled brush and a small roller to get in all the nooks and crannies.  Here are the doors after two coats… yikes!


It ended up taking about 5-6 (I seriously lost count) coats of bright white to get the coverage we wanted. I went also went through and highlighted the side windows with leftover paint (Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter) from the bathroom stripes.


Ah! Much better!


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